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Anti-drug laws for students abroad

26 May 2019 at 12:50hrs | Views
For many students, going to study abroad will be the first time of being far away from home. While this can be very exciting news, moving to a new city and a new country can be a nerve-wracking experience.

To cope with this new-found freedom and independence, some students may turn to experimenting with alcohol and illegal drugs. SOZS CTC Consultancy P/L takes an interest in educating, warning and advising all people with interests in studying abroad to abstain from using illegal drugs or being tricked into earning so-called "easy money" through illegal drug dealings and other criminal activities.

For the past four years, SOZS CTC Consultancy noted the increase of international students studying abroad being victims of sexual assault, accidental injuries, imprisonment and deportation from host countries, mainly as the result of their excessive drinking, illegal drug abuse and criminal activities.

Despite the risk of being arrested, students abroad are risking their lives through getting involved in narcotic drugs like opium, heroin, methyl aniline (ice), morphine, marijuana, cocaine, hashish, ecstasy and crystal methamphetamine, which are illegal in most countries.

All these types of narcotic drugs are prohibited in all our study abroad destinations which include The People's Republic of China, Thailand, Malaysia, Russia, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States and etc. Although drug laws vary from country to country, it is important to know that no country will react lightly to illegal drug offenders.

Alcohol and illegal drug abuse are the leading main causes of injuries and disruptions of studies among international students. Those abusing illegal substances become victims of crimes and accidents. Once caught and arrested there will be very little help you can get from anyone and that includes your parents and your home country consulate. Rather, you will be dealt with under the laws of the host country and the regulations of your host university.

International students need to know that illegal drug abuse can subject one to harsh criminal proceedings and severe punishments which might include:

    Immediate cancellation of your student visa and residence permit
    Being detained in prison for a certain period of time before being deported to your home country
    Interrogations and delays before trial, including mistreatment and solitary confinement for a given period of time
    Lengthy trials conducted in a foreign language with delays and postponements, while you languish under police detention
    Sentenced to criminal imprisonment for weeks, months, years or for life, if found guilty
    Facing the death penalty in some extreme cases.

    At SOZS CTC Consultancy P/L, we advise international students to drink responsibly if they are to drink and to look out for their own safety and the safety of others.

    We also advise international students to say NO to drugs at all costs and never feel pressured to drinking more than you may wish or engage in any other potentially dangerous, illegal and criminal activities and unhealthy personal behaviours against your will.

    We also counsel parents to think twice before sending their children to study abroad. They should have a clear picture of what it takes to send a child to study abroad. This entails giving the child enough financial support for tuition, accommodation and living expenses.

    Otherwise we do not recommend parents to send their children to study abroad if their financial position is not strong enough to meet the demands of foreign education.

    As a bridge to international education and career development, SOZS CTC Consultancy conducts seminars to educate prospective international students and their parents about the pros and cons of studying abroad.

    During these seminars, we address issues that affect international students like health and safety, immigration laws, security matters, cultural differences, school standards and disciplinary actions, scholarships and grants, monetary issues and banking, career development and employment prospects.

The author of this article, Cleto Mhuru, is the consulting director of SOZS communication Training Consultancy P/L, which is a study abroad consulting agency registered with the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development to provide (i) Career Guidance, (ii) Course Selection and Placement, and (iii) Professional Training for educational and corporate and/or organisational development.

Contacts: SOZS CTC Consultancy, Number 1 Union Avenue Suite 4, 1st Floor. Centre Block Kwame Nkrumah, Harare Telephone: +263 242 771713 / 775999 Mobile/Whatsapp: +263 774775770 / 0735051420
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