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Christianity knows no regionalism and no tribalism

26 May 2019 at 18:32hrs | Views
We have those of great Faith, Christians at heart, deeds and way of speaking. Not a single word of rebuke, insult or hate comes from their tongues and their dressing bears testimony of the few elect. Then we have those Christians whose ways are of gossip, malice and unprovoked hurt and hate.

'Churchionity and Christianity may rhyme but are far apart in meaning and description. Christianity is thriving to lead a Christlike life, churchionity is dutifully attending all church services but leading a secular life.

The later lot are not doing a favour to the faithfuls as they have literally 'paganised' the church by Christianising paganism.

You see them in Church today singing their hearts out but come sunset they are quick footed to visit the red-light district in see-all attire that leaves nothing to imagination, doing it like Portipha's wife. Some travel long distances to consult 'Sekuru Marungisa' for love portions and lucky charms.

Bizarre rituals are carried out at rivers and waterfalls calling on the dead to intervene in matters of the living. Such is not a Christian but a 'Churchionist' who does not give but always wants to receive.

Let's be Christians in all our ways, giving to charity, helping the needy and encouraging unity in our otherwise polarised Zimbabwe. Christianity knows no regionalism, no tribalism and no hate speech.

Be blessed.

Thomas Murisa. Chinehasha.

Source - Thomas Murisa.
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