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Mnangagwa should decisively deal with anarchists

28 May 2019 at 07:44hrs | Views
The recently-held, disputed MDC- Alliance congress has revealed the toxic politics of chicanery, vote-rigging, vote-buying, vote manipulation and violent streak imbued in the party's DNA. It was sobering to hear cries of rigging as unaccredited delegates were allowed to vote at the Gweru indaba.

A contestant, MDC-Alliance organising secretary, Amos Chibaya, was in charge of deciding who could enter the voting venue, yet it was supposed to be an independent electoral commission. It must be recalled that the nomination process itself, leading to the disputed congress was murky as the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), which was supposed to preside over the process was sidelined.

Nelson Chamisa, personally presided over the process and initiated a dubious process of acclamation. Things usually done under the cover of darkness have a sinister plot embedded therein.

This can be said of the nocturnal voting that took place into the early hours of yesterday, to give us what is clearly a dubitable night democracy.

Instead of taking advantage of daylight to vote, the MDC-Alliance rigging machinery waited for the cover of darkness to execute their devious ploy to rig their own elections. That the party had no back-up power is quite remarkable for a party of MDC's stature. And, as predicted, the forces of darkness went on the loose. Well, as they say, the rest is history!

In short, the process was rigged. The outcome predetermined. The question is with what goal in mind? It did not take long for Chamisa to let the proverbial cat out of the bag. The disputed congress was in fact, a charade to reconstitute that party and place a pliable and pliant leadership around himself to assist him in his devious plot to unconstitutionally unseat President Mnangagwa before 2023.

There is method in Chamisa's madness. Newly-"elected" MDC-Alliance vice president Tendai Biti warned during the campaign period that the MDC-Alliance would push out President Mnangagwa from Number 1 Chancellor Road in Harare by December 2019. This is the State House.

Addressing the congress, Chamisa ominously threatened, nay, promised to unleash violence and forcibly remove President Mnangagwa from power. Chamisa was quoted in one of the private papers that led with the bold headline, "Chamisa Declares War on ED," saying "as soon as the congress ends, it will be war.

They will not stop us . . . No party has title deeds for this country. I am not afraid of dying or being arrested. I tell you this, ED will not go anywhere until we resolve the political crisis."

The excitable pseudo-politician was not done, he ominously blurted that after the congress, "We are going to mobilise."

Another private paper with a deep-seated hatred for President Mnangagwa led with the headline, "Chamisa Cranks Up Mnangagwa Pressure." It quoted Chamisa threatening to forcibly remove President Mnangagwa from power, if no fresh election was held

"I have already said that 2023 is too far. We must make sure that we have a democratic election in this country as soon as possible. If they refuse, we will force them," thundered Chamisa.

"Some will ask how will this be achieved. Zimbabwe has a dark cloud hanging over it, until and unless the dark cloud is removed, this country is going to slide into further problems."

Wow! These are not small threats coming from Chamisa. He is hell bent on destabilising this country by deliberately fomenting civil disorder, with the ultimate aim of removing President Mnangagwa by force.

Chamisa is fully aware he lost the election. He confessed to contesting the outcome of the election with the full knowledge he had no V11 evidence just to spitefully delay the inauguration.

The Constitutional Court, the highest court in the land, affirmed the outcome of the election as announced by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC). It is key that Zimbabweans and the world are made aware of the toxic politics of Chamisa. He usurped power at a funeral. He threatened, beat up and attempted to torch his political nemesis at the same funeral. Now, he intends to use the same violent modus operandi to take over from President Mnangagwa.

The President is a democratic man. He is a nice man, who has chosen the path of inclusive dialogue as he executes his electoral mandate. He continues to silently take in the threats and violent politics from Chamisa.

Mr President, it is high time the anarchist politics and machinations from Chamisa are dealt with decisively.

Our democracy is under threat. Some of us who voted for you, and continue to support your pragmatic policies, which am certain will take us out of the economic cesspit wrought by your predecessor, are now itching to take on the challenge from Chamisa.

Chamisa's shaisano politics has no place in our democracy. Is it constitutional for a presidential loser to threaten to subvert the people's vote? Is it lawful for Chamisa and Biti to publicly declare that they will forcefully remove you from office Your Excellency?

Am not a lawyer, but as a law-abiding citizen who values our democracy, the declaration of war by Chamisa should be met with triple the force he is threatening. It is common knowledge that donor funds have dried in that party.

They almost failed to hold the disputed congress due to lack of funds. It is known that they even knocked on difficult-to-believe doors hunting for money. The violent demonstrations are aimed at inviting a backlash from the State, and in the process, invite unwanted international attention, while simultaneously derailing Zimbabwe's socio-political-economic reform programme.

Or, if arrested, become political martyrs — a title that history has taught us loosens the purse from donors. Either way, the MDC-Alliance would have derailed (kudira jecha) the core of the New Dispensation's thrust, which is ushering and implementing a new culture of politics of tolerance.

Your Excellency, even South Africans are in awe of your leadership credentials. They rapturously applauded your presence at the inauguration of President Cyril Ramaphosa. Mr President, it is my humble belief that one good turn deserves another.

Your well-intentioned progressive politics anchored on democracy, inclusivity and tolerance is being trashed. It is under threat. If Chamisa rolls out his violent demonstrations, the same way he did in August 2018 and January 2019, and disturbs the country's peace and progress, he will have successfully sabotaged the country. He would have undermined all the good work.

If the MDC-Alliance uses unconstitutional means, as it has boldly declared with a view to subvert Government, the State has a constitutional obligation to use all available legal means to protect and guarantee Zimbabwe's democracy.

The State has a sacred obligation to use both the coercive and ideological State apparatus to protect Zimbabweans from anarchists! Zimbabwe cannot, and should not be allowed to be perpetually in election mode simply because of sore losers.

Chamisa ought to take a cue from South Africa's Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema, who gracefully accepted defeat in the recent elections, and did the noble democratic thing by congratulating President Cyril Ramaphosa.

That is politics, stupid!

Mr President the trap that is being set by Chamisa is real, but, as the saying goes, we mustn't shy away from doing what is right. If Chamisa is intent on using dirty violent politics to subvert the people's will, it may be time to respond in kind.

Source - the herald
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