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What I Learnt From My Team Captain

30 May 2019 at 09:32hrs | Views
Some days ago, my football team had a match with a rival team. The opposition was giving us a headache. We seemed to be struggling to keep up with their attacks. Even my dependable center-back was crumbling under pressure. We were under siege.

The opposition was prevailing.                          

At half-time I asked the team what they thought was the problem. The team captain said his opinion on what he thought was the problem. And oh boy oh boy, it was a fantastic advice. He looked at me and said, "Look sir, almost all the problems we are facing are caused by their defender Wilson. One player interrupted the team captain, "No, their attackers are the real danger. They are very troublesome, we are failing to contain their waves of attacks. It's attack after attack." I interjected. I told him to keep quiet and allow the team captain to continue and explain why he thought, Wilson the defender was the problem yet the biggest threat was their attacking strikers.

"Well Sir, the problem is that Wilson their defender is always kicking very long balls forward to their strickers to attack us. Almost every attack begins with Wilson's long range shot to that front line. If we pin Wilson at the back, disturb him as much as we can and not allow him free space to hit those powerful long range shots from the back, their attackers won't get the supply of the ball and they won't be a threat to our defenders as long as the supply isn't forthcoming. Please look carefully Sir Gwizi, the problem is Wilson!".            

He was 200% correct. Wilson was creating all the danger from the back by his long range shots forward to the attackers. Our focus was trying to stop the attacks while the most effective way of diffusing the situation was to cut off the ball supply by pinning down Wilson!

Watch closely, identify Wilson in every challenge and deal with him. Wilson is the root-cause. We spend too much time trying to extinguish the fires, trying to stop the attackers, trying to manage the situation. Most of the times we struggle because we are not dealing with the root cause, we never identify Wilson. Most of the times, the gossips and division at workplaces and churches is just a result of a hidden Wilson at the back of the team. He starts everything, he lights up the fire, he stirs all the strife, he has a hidden stirring wheel, he initiates all the attacks. Most of the relationships which don't work , have a hidden Wilson influencing the other partner to launch all the deadly attacks on the other.

Always identify and deal with Wilson and you would have effectively destroyed the root cause behind every wave of attack in your marriage, church, business, department or workplace! Interestingly defender Wilson was not joining in the strikers in the attack,  hence it was not very obvious that he was initiating all trouble. Most Wilsons stir up the trouble silently from the back and don't participate in the direct attacks. It's hard to notice they are the chief culprits. Identify and deal with your Wilson mtshana, and then thou shall have peace!

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Source - Mthokozisi Gwizi
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