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Fortune Chasi is not the right Minister for Energy Docket

01 Jun 2019 at 16:24hrs | Views
I want to take this opportunity to blame President ED Mnangagwa for appointing a wrong person to the Ministry of Energy. If the appointment was not a 'political trap', the President should have considered the magnitude of the energy crisis before the appointment of Fortune Chasi to the Energy docket. The energy crisis in Zimbabwe is too complex than the way ZANU PF and President ED Mnangagwa perceive it. The crisis of energy in Zimbabwe needs a proper dialogue (between Nelson Chamisa and President ED Mnangagwa and not the clueless Fortune Chasi) in order for the crisis to be solved. This piece seeks to support the view that there is no difference between Minister Fortune Chasi and Rotina Mavhunga in relation to ZANU PF and ED Mnangagwa's strategies of solving the fuel crisis in Zimbabwe.

Instead of solving the fuel and power crises in Zimbabwe, Fortune Chasi finds it possible to pursue the 5 million cash legally given to Mr. Chiveyo by the Ministry of energy long time ago. What Minister Fortune Chasi is failing to observe is that the Zimbabwean courts exonerated Mr. Chiveyo's transection with the Energy Ministry long time ago. The court ordered the Ministry of Energy not to terminate its contract with Mr. Chiveyo or risk paying him a lot of money (in damages) for abusing the contractual agreement. I therefore want to urge Minister Fortune Chasi to respect the rule of law and the Zimbabwean courts. The Minister should avoid interfering with the judiciary just like his party ZANU PF.

I was shocked to the end of my life by the media allegations that Minister Fortune Chasi proposed the use of bicycles by Zimbabweans (to save fuel) soon after his appointment. The proposal is not feasible because the bulky of civil servants are earning less than USD100 per month. The ordinary Zimbabweans are even failing to buy bread and sugar because of the galloping inflation. If the majority of Zimbabweans are failing to purchase basic commodities, it may be very difficult for them to buy bicycles. Therefore, bicycle transport strategy is not a short term strategy. It may be classified under long term strategies. I believe that Fortune Chasi was appointed to immediately deal with the worsening crises of fuel and power. There is evidence that Fortune Chasi is a liability to this ministry (of energy). President ED Mnangagwa should demote him if his appointment was not a trap.

I almost died by shock when Minister Chasi blamed the social media for increasing fuel prices. He has adopted silly ZANU PF slogan that 'sanctions are responsible for the lack of oxygen in Zimbabwe'. The duty of the social media is to report what is happening on the ground. It is an open secret that fuel is purchased in USD from the source and the intelligent Minister should know that the 'black market' rates determine the prices of fuel. The minister should not expect the fuel prices to be controlled by ZANU PF rates. The forces of economy are at play. Everyone in Zimbabwe should blame the clueless Minister of Energy Fortune Chasi. Politics has now brainwashed his intelligence.

There are also allegations from the media that Minister Fortune Chasi claimed that Zimbabwe's hydroelectric capacity is only capable of supplying power to the country for 14 weeks. If the allegations are true, Minister Chasi made a blunder because such secretes may result in uprisings or even coups. There are some truths that should not be availed to the public. The government should do all it can to avert the power crisis in secrecy. In a nutshell, Minister Fortune Chasi has exposed ZANU PF government that it has come to a dead end. If we are to believe Minister Chasi's allegations, ZANU PF government is coming to an end within 14 weeks.

The appointment of Fortune Chasi could have been a trap.  He used to be a darling of the people but changed to be an enemy of the people soon after his appointment because of his poor diplomacy.  President ED Mnangagwa should chase Fortune Chasi from the Ministry of Energy Docket or create for him a new docket called Ministry of Bicycles. I have no doubt that the minister will soon tell the people to use wood fuel. President ED Mnangagwa was not serious by appointing Fortune Chasi to the Energy docket (that is if it was not a trap).   The fuel crisis in Zimbabwe will only be solved by a neutral dialogue between Nelson Chamisa and President ED Mnangagwa. The appointment of Fortune Chasi is only good for his CV.

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Source - Don Chigumba
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