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A threat to murder people using 'necklaces' is hate speech! Must be treated with disgust it deserves

02 Jun 2019 at 19:46hrs | Views
One would just dismiss the burning alive of people by "neck lacing" them; threats made by Israel Dube: but the history will inform us more about the African continent. We know how the conflict developments in Africa that can start from threats that have been ignored as mere threats. However, these threats sadly are nurtured as mere threats and are glorified to the point of fascism. Israel Dube is taking advantage of the vulnerability of the region that is now left without a formidable leader following the death of General Dumiso Dabengwa. In the scheme of things, who is Israel Dube to threaten the people of Mathebeleland for saying no to his demands that are rejected by the people of this region? It is this force and coercion he is now resorting to because the people of this region reject him as leader of this region. I can prove this statement to him that he was indeed rejected by the people of this region!

Proof of my statement:
During the election of 2018 we saw how Nelson Chamisa came to the region and made the White City red with party regalia. Tens of thousands of people went to his rally. I am not a fan of Chamisa, but his performance in Bulawayo alone would have dawned on many of us that the Mthwakazi parties are not only irrelevant but almost nonexistent in this region. Israel Dube was seen making rallies under the trees, a rally with less than a fifty people in attendance. If that is not embarrassment, there is no word to actually describe that poor performance the Mthwakazi party made during the harmonised elections. To this day I wonder if Israel Dube can pull such a large crowd in his territory in Bulawayo and Mathebeleland White City Stadium. Please try it!

Alone by taking part in the elections Israel's Mthwakazi party legitimised the Mnangagwa government. How many people warned and advised the regional parties never to be part of the Zimbabwean election processes that were flawed from the onset. Ngenkani they did it! How do you sincerely be part of the elections of a government you do not recognize and lose and after losing then you declare war or insurgency to a regime you were once part of just by taking part in the election processes.

Overt or covert, the peoples of Mathebeleland rejected the Mthwakazi party, did not vote for Mthwakazi party, instead it was such an open defeat and an open humiliation on their part. Having been defeated, coercion is now on the table to force the people of this region to accept their plans to secede from the mainland Zimbabwe. Joshua Nkomo never practiced this kind of weak and backward acts of criminality, nor was Dabengwa for the cessation of Mathebeleland despite all the challenges facing the region of Mathebeleland. If the people of this region want devolution because it is this region that pioneered devolution in the constitutional processes way back in 2013, then Mthwakazi parties must respect the will of the people and not force it on us. You have no God given right to use coercion to the people of this region who overtly reject your ideas in this region.

The globalisation and the Trump era has made so many global peoples and societies irrelevant and inept, and hence to find recognition and relevance one has to talk tough and make murderous threats using hate speech such as the one being used by Israel Dube. What is the fundamental difference between Israel Dube's party that threatens its people with death by burning them alive and the Zanu PF government that shoots unarmed people just for demonstrating against the government?  We are caught between rock and hard surface, to demonstrate to the government of Mnangagwa you are failing the people, you get shot, on the other hand we say we reject Mthwakazi ideas of cessation we are threatened by being burnt alive, "neck-laced". This is being put under duress by failed politicians: this is what we shall fight with all our might to set us free from all forms of dictatorships and fascism.
There is not one single body, regional: SADC, continental: AU and international: UN that will support a party with fascist ideas like the likes of Israel Dube. The time for guerrilla warfare lost its sale by date long back. Zimbabwe independence was not realized by force, but by negotiations at Lancaster House: everybody knows that well. Savimbi in Angola tried that kind of insurgency, the rest is history. In Mozambique too the insurgency did not realize any meaningful results. In those two countries: Angola and Mozambique loss of life was horrendous especially on women and children. It disturbs the mind that there are elements in this region who have appetite for conflict wars, South Sudan giving us an eloquent example of how a nation was given its independence by the UN in the hope of peace in the region: we all know what is happening in South Sudan today. In Mathebeleland there are many ethnic groups and they are having their own priorities. For argument sake: In the event of Mthwakazi getting its own way and cessed from Zimbabwe, soon after they will be conflicts because as we speak we have three kings of Nguni ethnic group and several other kingdoms. That problem about kingdoms still needs to be resolved. 

In all these conflicts in Africa, it is the women and children who pay the highest price. It is the men who cause the conflicts and we women and children suffer from the conflicts-related-wars carelessly orchestrated by men. It is questionable if indeed Israel Dube was in the struggle for the independence of Zimbabwe because all of us who were in the struggle in Zambia or Mozambique, nobody would casually speak of yet another conflict in Zimbabwe that can lead to full scale war. What we saw in that liberation war is enough for us to speak of dialogue than conflict and war. Dialogue is not a dirty word, Dialogue is strength. When one opts for dialogue, she/he will be saying I can talk and I am civilized enough to demand what belongs to me. Hate speeches are abominable and have no place in a civilized world. This is the time to face the government of Zanu PF and tell them our genuine desire to develop our region on our own: devolution in dialogue.

To threaten peoples of any region or anyone because she/he does not agree with you fantasy of ideas is barbaric but last. This "neck lacing" way of killing people: even Mrs. Winnie Madikizela Mandela was forced to denounce her killing actions during the truth and reconciliation that took place in South Africa. She regretted these acts of killings before she died. As long as Israel Dube continues those threats on us we shall continue to resist them as those killing acts are barbaric and stupid! He must be told too that there is a high price in uttering hate speeches!  We take note of these hate speeches and inform relevant international bodies about the development in this southern cone region of Africa.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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