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Chiwenga's only roadmap to economic recovery?

02 Jun 2019 at 21:10hrs | Views
In my last Op-Ed, I spoke of the immediate and dire need for the Zimbabwean Army to step in and dispatch of the current President and the criminal elements of the ZANU-PF, who would otherwise destroy what's left of our country for their sole benefit. There can be no doubt that VP Constantine Chiwenga and senior members of the army are now fully engaged in the planning of such a move, and are most likely doing so with the ongoing consultation of their foreign financial backers – most notably China.

While this would still constitute a vast improvement over the abysmal administration of Cde Crocodile Mnangagwa and the latter half of the Mugabe rule -- there is another way forward. A true and lasting economic recovery is predicated upon more than short-term financial supports and loans, given in exchange for the fire sale of the country's mineral wealth which will rob a generation of it's wealth.

What Zimbabwe needs is more jobs, a stable and vibrant economy with a broad and diverse body of international partners, and above all else DEMOCRACY! To this end, it does not make sense for the Army to appoint another ZANU-PF loyalist, such as Gideon Gono, as the new President. This would be the stupidest thing they could do and would all but insure that nothing would truly change. Gideon Gono is an ‘old guard' member of the very group responsible for the destruction of the country's economy in the first place. His tenure as Reserve bank governor coincides with and the greatest economic collapse in Zimbabwe's history. The only thing at which he was allegedly successful during his decade in power was protecting his own position by paying off the Army.

If the Army installs Gideon Gono as President, they will have proved in that one action, that they are as ignorant and corrupt as the ZANU-PF who preceded them. If Gideon wants to be President, let him run for the office in 2023, in a free and fair election, and prove his case to the people.

The best solution for Zimbabwe and for Chiwenga to effectuate real and lasting change is the following. Firstly (1), Remove Cde Crocodile and his ZANU-PF cohorts from office as soon as possible. Second (2), install Chiwenga or SB Moyo or another representative of the Army to serve as provisional President until the elections in 2023. Third (3), appoint two vice presidents, one nominated by the ZANU-PF and the other being Nelson Chamisa. Fourth (4), use the position of the provisional president to insure free and fair elections in 2023. Fifth (5), distribute the Ministries of State evenly between the respective political parties of the two vice presidents, keeping those of Defense, police and State security for the President. Sixth (6), require that the deputy minister for each Department is from the opposite party insuring that there is proper oversight and compelling some degree of collaboration in the management of each portfolio.

In so doing, the Army and provisional President will be putting in place a unity government which would provide the basis for re-engaging with international governments, lenders and investors and create an environment whereby each of the two vice presidents must demonstrate their abilities, sincerity and worth to our people. The provisional President should invite international monitors into the country to insure that the 2023 elections are free and fair. If either party, be it the MDC or the ZANU-PF are unwilling to participate in such an arrangement, then they are not worthy of the honor and privilege of leadership.

VP Chiwenga has a real and present opportunity to demonstrate leadership. Not to seize power for his own gain, but for the good of our country. If he chooses this righteous path, he and the Army leadership will not only demonstrate that the military can do good, but also supplant Mugabe and Nkomo as the true fathers of democracy in Zimbabwe.

Now is the time Constantine, your people are suffering.

Source - GoodNess Nwachukwu
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