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Hungry Lions Hoovering around to devour Nyaminyami Rural District Council

04 Jun 2019 at 10:18hrs | Views
As the former CEO of Nyaminyami Rural District Council, I am really concerned with unfolding issues of mismanagement of public property and corruption by those at the helm of power especial the acting CEO Mr. J. Mugande and former employee Mr. Paricha currently working for Kadoma Rural District Council.

The District lags behind in terms of development because these two influential figures used illegal powers to embezzle resources and equipment hindering development. It is very disheartening that Mr. Mugande aspires to become the CEO of the District yet he is very corrupt. He strips off the council's resources for his personal use.

Apparently, he stole the council speedboat and kept it for his personal use at the expense of the majority of the ordinary community members who should benefit from its services. He has an interest in Fairbdge Enterprise, Fishing Company and a lessee of council boats. Mugande participated in a corruption case with Tsanangurai Chirau also former CEO with the same District Council.

Mr Mugande has a strong interest in Muchero investments, a marketing company. Once this happens, it means that he will take all the proceeds that should help to community for his personal growth. He is indeed inconsiderate and does not care about the welfare of the suffering ordinary people in the district.

Apparently, he is the director in Simulonga holdings and has led to the collapse of council fishing project. How can the council grow when such a person milks it of its resources? Several Council's vehicles have their parts stripped off and stolen by Mr. Mugande and it is such a disgrace. He abuses military authorities for his ego-centric needs. He threatens that he has the support of the army for him to ascend to the top post of the Council. He is part of the syndicate that was fired last year because of massive corruption.

He actually uses duress and undue influence when making council decisions. He has over the period been threatening councilors and instilling fear in them that he would report them to vice president Constentino Chiwenga and the office of the president. Honestly is this fair for a person of his caliber? This is surely abuse of office and this cannot be tolerated.

Currently, he is trying to protect his corruption activities by campaigning to be a substantive CEO. We cannot continue to be led by this person who has only himself and his family to think of, yet others are suffering. President ED Mnangagwa is very clear and loud on issues relating to corruption and yet to them, corruption is the order of the day. This man is too weak to manage and resort to military rule and intervention.

As my nephew, he is fighting me through political means. He doesn't understand council procedures and abuses the DA who is also weak to make strong decisions. It seems he is still immature and treats everyone like young people. It has been noted that he is not professionally competitive. He mixes up politics and development. He had been the complaining manager for Shumba and this led to the split of ZANU-PF votes and I vehemently lost to MDC in the constituency. This cannot be tolerated and it is anti-development. Most of his actions are from grapevine. He uses the divide and rule tactics.

As the former CEO, I also worked with Mr. Paricha as the internal auditor for the council but I am disappointed to report that this did not move the way I anticipated. I can strongly refer to Mr. Paricha as the reasons why Nyaminyami Rural District Council has failed to perform during his time as the internal auditor years back.

As the former CEO, I am saying that Mr. Paricha failed to safeguard the best interests of the local authority by supporting corruption. He also participated in corruption and that's why he didn't produce any audit reports for about six years in order to cover up for his and Charumwanu corruption. Because he feels that people have forgotten about this, he is making frantic efforts to come back as the CEO. His intention will be to cover his corruption. No, this cannot be tolerated and I say Paricha is such a corrupt leader and I don't know how he survives at Kadoma Rural where he is the Council's treasurer. He is a strong member of the MDC and would not steer progress in the district. MDC is synonymous with under development, everybody knows that. He is not in good books with Mugande because of that.

Mugande is crooked and does not do things straight forward as well. Paricha paid bribes of $50 and $100 respectively to all the 12 councilors on different occasions in order to win their support and endorse him as the CEO. Even the councilors themselves are corrupt because they accepted bribes in that respect. If they think they are clever, the government is aware of the shenanigans and would not tolerate their nonsense.

It is so disheartening to the residence that despite Mr. Paricha being the project executive before becoming the auditor, he did not improve the council. Instead, he is the good reason why there is under development in the district. When he took over the audit function Nyaminyami RDC became the poorest council in Zimbabwe and dropped from number 1 to 91.

Paricha is the best friend of Charumwanu who also acted as CEO and has a case to answer. It is planned and well calculated that Paricha will cover his tracks, cover Charumwanu's tracks and Chirau's tracks. I myself as the former CEO have a police clearance, I have the support of all the chiefs and all the 12 wards. In fact, the councilors keep updating me of what Paricha and Mugande are doing. I cannot allow greedy people to lead my council. They know my coming will expose their wicked and corrupt ways, that is the reason they are fighting so hard to get rid of me.  

Mr Paricha and Mr. Mugande, I say to you if you want to become leaders, stop being corrupt and focus on national development. these two men boast of a strong Sangoma who give them juju to make their things happen and is called Gunguvuro but this will not benefit the ordinary person in the district. Be advised, your n'anga is your business, not our business. Stop corruption!

If you need greater details regarding these issues, refer to the public domain, where some of them have been published or you can consult the Council Chairperson Mr Chirongoma. His cell is 0775 181 751. You can also get the same details from former councilor Mr Negande, the former Council chair. He himself is corrupt and has all the details regarding corrupt activities at the council. We pray that ZANU-PF should recall him.

 Help Oh God. Serve Our Souls Almight!

Source - Isaac Mackenzie (former CEO of the same RDC)
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