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Coup rumor against President ED Mnangagwa

05 Jun 2019 at 09:26hrs | Views
There are allegations from the media that a coup against President ED Mnangagwa is imminent. This piece seeks to dispute such rumors. The rumors are created by President ED Mnangagwa and his team in order to diverge the focus of the citizens to debate the way forward on the economy that is now in bad shape because of the introduction of RTGS currency. The average salary for civil servants used to be slightly above USD300 before the introduction of the RTGS currency. Following the introduction of the RTGS currency, the average salary for civil servants is currently less than USD27 and USD60 basing on black-market and official exchange rates respectively.

President ED Mnangagwa is having stress because of such deflation of civil servants' salaries. The economic stress forced President ED Mnangagwa and his security team to come up with stage managed strategies like the coup hoax and the arrests of innocent civil society leaders. The aim of President ED Mnangagwa and team is to test the death of the sea floor. President ED Mnangagwa is mainly afraid of the rebellion from within, which is why the army leaders have been reassigned to work as ambassadors across the globe. History of coups has shown that a coup is not succeeded by democracy but another coup. It is therefore a matter of time before President ED is removed from office by another coup. The President should be clever enough to smell the rat and do the right thing.

However, the latest allegation of an imminent coup against President ED Mnangagwa is a hoax created by the President his security team to test whether the time is ripe for another coup. It is true that the moral is too low among the security forces and the reassignment of army leaders to international tasks has just dealt a blow to their worsening moral.  The economic challenges posed by the introduction of RTGS currency led to the arrests of innocent civil society leaders and more are expected to be arrested. President ED Mnangagwa is trying to inject fear in citizens because the President is aware that the masses (including security forces) are suffering.

The failure of President ED Mnagagwa's economic policies has reduced him to be a liability President to the nation rather than an asset. The fiscal and monetary policies of Mthuli Ncube and John Mangudya failed dismally (that was a first failure of President ED Mnangagwa). The second failure of President ED Mnangagwa was on the appointments of clueless elders who failed to inspire hope to our economy (the black-market rates tripled soon after their appointments). The third was the poor performance of the new currency (RTGS). The new currency was introduced after the performance failure of Bond-RTGS due to fiscal/monetary policies' effect and the appointments of the clueless so called elders who failed to give hope to the economy. The current and forth failure of President ED Mnangagwa is the fake and so called dialogue that failed to inspire hope to the Zimbabweans and the economy.

This is the right time for President ED Mnangagwa to accept that his so called dialogue has failed dismally. The main objective of the dialogue was to inspire hope and prosperity to the economy. According to the latest figures (from official and black-market trading rates), the average salary for civil servants is now less than USD50. The implication is that the so called dialogue of President ED Mnangagwa has failed. Probably President ED Mnangagwa may need another dialogue (or to resign). Zimbabweans should not allow President ED Mnangagwa to continue making several blunders that are disastrous to the country.

Zimbabweans should not expect the army to remove them from President ED Mnangagwa's exploitation. It is not normal for a devil to be replaced by another devil. The interferences of the army to political game change is always unconstitutional.
 Therefore, the Zimbabweans should make use of constitutional methods to put pressure on President ED Mnangagwa so that he can resign. Zimbabwe is at cross-roads, pressure should be exerted on President ED Mnangagwa so that he can resign now. All his strategies to resuscitate the economy failed and there is no need for Zimbabwe to keep a liability President. If he continues to clinch to power, he should be therefore worried of either military coup or citizens' coup.

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Source - Don Chigumba
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