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From Bingu wa Mutharika to Dambudzo wa Malaba & Chigumba

06 Jun 2019 at 11:36hrs | Views
The deteriorating economy of Zimbabwe is a vindication that President ED Mnangagwa was imposed on Zimbabweans by none other than the controversial Zimbabwe Election Commission (ZEC) and the Supreme Court of the land under the leadership of Chairperson Chigumba and Chief Justice Malaba respectively. My heart bleeds when I see the innocent Zimbabweans suffering, feeding with bread and glucose behind the closed doors. I am bleeding internally (both physically & emotionally) to see innocent children and women dying because of the medical drugs' shortages while the government leaders are seeking treatment in India, South Africa, Singapore and Europe.

This piece is neither attacking Chairperson of ZEC Chigumba nor Chief Justice Malaba but seeks to request the two leaders to have a moment of deep meditation and check whether President Mnangagwa was really elected by the masses or imposed to the people by the system and the forces of darkness. Chigumba and Malaba should be able to give Zimbabweans a convincing explanation about the disastrous performance of President Mnangagwa (who is failing to have the grip of the nation). For the first time in our history (under the leadership of President Mnangagwa) for a shocking/significant number (of prospective students admitted at University of Zimbabwe) failing to appear and register for their respective degree programs. This is a strong signal that President ED Mnangagwa has failed and will not take Zimbabwe anywhere.

I am strongly convinced that the ZEC & Supreme Court of Zimbabwe should be accountable to the successes and failures of President Mnangagwa. Announcing ED Mnangagwa as a winner of the 2018 Presidential election was not only a fraud but also a daylight robbery. The Zimbabweans were robbed of their pension, livelihoods & future. President Mnangagwa has turned government universities to be out of reach of the majority of Zimbabweans. The dwindling enrolments at public universities is a clear indication that President Mnangagwa has taken Zimbabwe (down) to another level. The masses are now resorting to traditional medicines because the hospitals are empty. Zimbabwe is for the first time importing drinking water under the leadership of President Mnangagwa.

Just like Osama, the mastermind of 2018 election rigging was ZEC. The results/figures for the Presidency were miraculously changed three times after the initial announcement. The figures casted for the parliament and presidency could not tally.

Zimbabweans are still not aware of the voters' roll used by ZEC. A lot of mistakes were observed in the voters' roll prior to the 2018 elections (ZEC admitted) but they failed to rectify the mistakes. The Supreme Court could not even consider these critical problems of 2018 Presidential Election. All the members of the Supreme Court Bench anonymously agreed that ED Mnangagwa was duly elected. Nothing was questioned from the voters' roll to the election process & announcement. The Supreme Court did not find any problem with the Presidential results that were changed three times. Despite ZEC agreeing that the Presidential results were not verified (as per the dictates of the law), the Supreme Court did not see any problem with this. Up to now (from August 2018), the Supreme Court Report/Judgment of the Nelson Chamisa's petition challenging the election of ED Mnangagwa is not yet out/availed to the Zimbabweans.

The majority of the Zimbabweans protested against the election of ED Mnangagwa to Presidency. The masses protested against the Supreme Court's verdict on upholding ED Mnangagwa's election. Today, the economy has protested against the election of ED Mnangagwa as a President. The RTGS currency has refused to legitimize the Presidency of Mnangagwa. The health sector has refused to legitimize Mnangawa Presidency. There hospitals are empty, no medicines and health workers are exposed to risks. The diaspora has refused to uphold President Mnangagwa's election.

The ZEC and Supreme Court should accept that the post-election events have pointed out that President Mnangagwa is not legitimate. Therefore, the ZEC and Supreme Court should meditate and reflect on the legitimacy of the 2018 Presidential election. The ZEC Chairperson Chigumba should consider resigning before being humiliated. She is not capable of undertaking free and fair elections in future. She should take the accountability and responsibility of the quagmire Zimbabweans are facing today. It is the conduct of an election that determines its legitimacy. Chigumba has failed not only the dead but also the generations to come. President ED should admit that Zimbabwe is too complex for his capabilities.

Don Chigumba can be found on twitter @Donchigumba

Source - Don Chigumba
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