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End of the road Emerson

07 Jun 2019 at 20:07hrs | Views
That's it. Its the end of the road for Emerson Mnangagwa. He should just pack his begs and go back to Zvishavane, or, by the way, is it Zambia. Once a dictator starts changing the constitution to limit people's democratic reactions in exercising their rights, he is done. You see dictators are not good students of their DNA and they ignore their history books. Their love for power at the expense of all good deeds is astonishing. Emerson is like he is play-acting the presidence in a drama. You see I can't feel any good about him but the human carnage and draconian styles. I can't  see him and I can't hear him either. Where is he? Surely he was minister of state security when Gukurahundi was unleashed and now I think we know who exactly Emerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa is.

If you thought there was any good in Mthuli Ncube admit yourself at the nearest mental sanatorium. That man brings no solution and he is just bad news for poor Zimbabweans together with his nemesis, the crook and liar, the fence gate tortoise John Mangudya. Fellow countrymen it's not only looking bad but horror has been unleashed. Tendai Biti narrated all this step by step and the politically uneducated Mnangagwa administration did not listen. He should borrow my list by Tendai Biti. I tell you he is just too good to compare with any of zanu pf prophets. It's just too late Emerson. You can't do anything now, can you? What? You start the man slaughter, again? What will be the end of this man's reign? Robert Mugabe like, Jacob Zuma like or Al Bashir like? Yes, take your pick because its just by the corner. His political advisors are a bunch of crooks who refuse to look through the glass. There is no catalyst for his fall other than Emerson Mnangagwa himself. The dictionary for the definition of political and economic progress is Nelson Chamisa and the MDC. It's the painful truth that Emerson Mnangagwa and his cronies refuse to accept because they are not true  politicians but hypocritical opportunists and chancers. They force people to tore the line using the gun power. You see, arrogance is a horrible trait. It is like sin.

When you have such good soils like Zimbabwe has and you have water running through the Zambezi River to the Indian Ocean for 365 days a year but you still fail to enable your people to produce enough crops to feed the nation, why are you in government. When you have so many natural resources like gold and diamonds why do you have a penniless reserve bank then. Before the Zimbanwean 2018 national elections, the former Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda said that Emerson Mnangagwa and his so called deputy Rtd General Constantine Chiwenga would be honoured if they stepped down then. He was trying to say that they had nothing to offer but a messi. Does Constantine  Chiwenga qualify to be an army general anywhere or it's that automated ladder of zanu pf. He adds so much to the embarrassment and fits so well in this calamity of ignorance.

Clemen Moyo (Mr)
+263 712 708 284/778 662 090

Source - Clemen Moyo
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