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Civil society & opposition leaders' arrests normal for the democratic struggles

09 Jun 2019 at 19:41hrs | Views
A struggle for democracy is not a romantic affair but a game of rugby without a referee. The players may be injured or die within the struggle anytime. I therefore want to take this opportunity to urge the civil society and opposition leaders that their victory is judged by such injuries and even their deaths. In most cases, several deaths and injuries are expected when the struggle is about to reach a boiling point. Power/democracy is not given in a gold plate but is a product of human blood. President ED Mnangagwa escaped death by one centimeter during the liberation struggle. If he was not under age then, he should have been hanged to death (and these sufferings he is exposed the citizens to could not have been there if the death the sentence was upheld).

There are vivid allegations that Edgar Tekere was castrated during the struggle for independence. He died without a single child because of the struggle. There were also allegations that RG Mugabe was also castrated during the liberation struggle. He (Mugabe) could have borrowed the strategy of castration of political opponents from his past experiences. At one point in time, the veteran opposition leader Job Sikhala once told the media that he is having children very fast (after every year) because he was afraid of being castrated by RG Mugabe and ZANU-PF. He claimed that he had to seek medical attention when his ‘engine' (manhood) was tempered with by Mugabe and ZANU-PF crooks.  This is typical for a health struggle, opposition and civil society leaders should expect such injuries and deaths because they are the fruits of the struggle.

Nelson Mandela rot in jail for 27 years, RG Mugabe for 10 years (only), Raila Odinga 10 years (only), Dumiso Dabengwa 4 years (only) and Lookout Masuku died just after being released from prison. They poisoned him before releasing him. I am surprised with the opposition leaders who are complaining after being locked in prisons for days. They should know that a prison is a home for politicians. They should organize structures for the opposition parties in prison rather than complaining. Prisoners are allowed to vote by ZANU-PF (crooked) government. The opposition leaders in prisons should campaign vigorously instead of weeping.

Hon. Chitepo was murdered by his colleagues during the struggle within the struggle. General Tongogara did not see the new Zimbabwe for the sake of the struggle for democracy. Talent Mabika & Chiminya were slaughtered by ZANU-PF because of the fight for democracy. Tonderai Ndira died because of the struggle. General Mujuru was reduced to dust because of politics and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai died a hopeless and dejected man. His wife died in under mysterious circumstances. According to the veteran opposition leader Nelson Chamisa, ZANU-PF killed (poisoned) Tsvangirai. I now agree with Chamisa because ZANU-PF never took action to disown Chamisa's allegation. The civil society and opposition leaders should smile and get solace from the heroes of the struggle.

In one of my pieces, I once said a politician (especially in opposition is a blood donor). He/she should be ready to donate his/her blood for the sack of the struggle. You don't join politics in order to earn a living but you join politics in order to be injured or die for the masses. Zimbabwe needs courageous leaders in opposition to fight against ZANU-PF's dictatorship and oppression. Leaders should be ready for anything. Joining politics in Zimbabwe is not different from mining gold or diamond 1km underground. The opposition leaders should be therefore ready for any eventualities.

President ED Mnangagwa should promote healthy politics in Zimbabwe. I know that he was tortured during the liberation struggle but should stop revenging on opposition leaders. President Mnangagwa may arrest or murder innocent civilians but that will not stop the struggle for democracy. It's either he man-up or resign.  The blood of the dead is weeping and time will tell.

Don Chigumba can be found on twitter @Donchigumba

Source - Don Chigumba
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