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Sindiso Mazibisa leaves MDC

11 Jun 2019 at 16:19hrs | Views
This is it. The wait is over. While I do not have a legal duty to issue this personal and political announcement I know that a moral and political reposes upon me to do so. Deliberately I am doing so on my personal Facebook wall and personal spaces because I cannot send individual messages to all my friends and concerned parties concerning the decision I have made.

I am given to brevity. I have decided with immediate effect to abandon Party Politics. Effectively I am no longer a member of any Political Party or Movement including the MDC (or MDC Alliance).

The motivation is not driven by any differences whatsoever with the party membership or leadership including MDC President Nelson Chamisa who evidently has a brilliant future ahead of him and hopefully for our country.

I have a cordial and progressive relationship with most party cadres from the cells, district, provincial and presidium structures.

I salute my former president, President Professor Welshman Ncube of the then MDC (Green) for his wisdom and guidance and Vice President of the new MDC advocate TendaiBiti for the various progressive interactions we had and President Nelson Chamisa for the conversations we had  and he assured me that #Godisinit.

Those memories are forever indelible in my heart. I treasure the team I worked with in Magwegwe during the 2013 campaign. With limited time before the election we pulled one of the major campaigns and every detail of it is captured in videos for posterity sake.

We meet to part and part to meet as the adage goes. I have over the past years dedicated my life, my efforts, my resources to the party and to the community for the democratisation of our country and liberation of our region and our communities. What a great experience it was and it has been.

My conscience and God's instructions have always guided me and any defiance has resulted in dire consequences. Obedience is the only way to go.

The call to serve my constituency, my family, my city (of Bulawayo), the region (Matabeleland/Mthwakazi) is a life time one. I cannot renege from this duty for posterity.

The clarion call has gotten louder and louder by the day.

Having said that, I know within any political party structures as currently configured I cannot fulfil my personal God given mandate to serve my community and my country.

I have come of age.

It is time to directly contribute to the development of my community and to our people.

It is time that I have my own voice.

It is time to give our people their voice.

It is time for the voice of the people.

It is time for alternative leadership.

I remain ready and willing in this regard personally and through various structures and instruments that are in place to serve my family, my constituency, my city, my region and country. Whatever it takes, even if it means my life, I am ready and prepared for it.

As was said of the blind man in John 9 vs 23 "He is of age, ask him". Equally I have come of age. Ask me.

Current party politics has evidently failed me, our city and our country and it is time for alternative leadership and I remain willing and already to serve in that regard.

Parties and party politics takes away individual initiatives and creates parrots out of party supporters and faithfuls.

I am confident that the MDC movement has enough cadres to pursue the vision and aspirations of the party.

Equally our society and community demands and deserves grassroots leadership that talks to issues relating to bread and butter issues and this is the time for such a leadership.

The current political matrix is not permissive of realisation of certain aspirations hence this well thought out personal decision to achieve a better Bulawayo, Matabeleland and Zimbabwe through alternative means.

I will remain politically active and support most initiatives including my former party the MDC and for the record I will work under the auspices of my affiliate organisations with other progressive political parties to deliver a free fair and better Zimbabwe but more importantly to deliver real devolution of power to the regions and hopefully a federal system of government.

Every vote counts and for what it is worth I will dedicate my life and the remainder of my life to defend every vote by every citizen. One lesson I have learnt from the demise and promotion of our hero comrade Dr Dumiso Dabengwa is that living for principle is the best gift that you can give to the world and exiting to the next dimension knowing that your conscience  is clear is the best state of being one can have. This is it.

Source - Sindiso Mazibisa
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