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A Farewell to Prof Levi Nyagura as Vice Chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe

13 Jun 2019 at 08:20hrs | Views
Listening to soccer commentary in the 1980s by the likes of the late Evans Mambara, one would either be happy or sad at the final whistle as he would go "It's over, it's over, Dynamos 1, CAPS United 0 (or vice versa). Oh what a game it was".

What a time it was for the team that would have won and a disappointment to the supporters of the losing team. I woke up today to the news of the appointment of a new Vice-Chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe, Prof Paul Mapfumo. This just brought back memories of the 1980s. Yes, it's over, it's over for the disgraced former Vice Chancellor Levi Nyagura. Indeed it's over for Nyagura.

I know this news is not good for you Prof Nyagura, but alas, it is good for the academic community which you oppressed for more than 15 years. You came to the point of thinking that the University is your personal property. As you fall, licking your wounds, I am currently listening to Dr Thomas Mapfumo's song, "Pidigori waenda, ainge achinyanya kuvhaira". I feel as if Prof Paul Mapfumo is the one singing this song as he enters that majestic office you derived your power from.

The university community will never forget how you terrorized them left, right and centre. You summarily dismissed staff from work. Those who went to court and won, you disregarded judgments. It's high time you are held to account for the judgments that you disregarded. You could decide to award fake degrees, that is the height of academic fraud. You should pay for your misdeeds. The university community will never forget how you closed the Institute of Development Studies, the Tropical Resource Ecology Centre.

May I kindly advise you now to have time with your grandchildren and advise them never to walk the same road that you walked when you were at the helm of the University of Zimbabwe.

I feel like I should walk over to you like what Mark Antony did to the lifeless body of Julius Caesar and say "Oh Levi, dost thou lie so low, are all thine conquests, glories, triumphs, spoils shrunk to this little measure? Fare thee well". I for one will not miss you from the University of Zimbabwe.

Source - Mukushi Mukuru
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