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Zimbabwe under confused leadership

13 Jun 2019 at 08:24hrs | Views
People elect the kind of leadership they want and in most cases, unless forced otherwise, they are never wrong. If leadership imposes itself upon a people usually chaos is born and eradicating it will always be difficult. Was Robert Mugabe a politically popular president for Zimbabwe or he was one of a majority tribal wild card? Is Emerson Mnangagwa a people's choice or the choice of a violently dominant army propelled zanu pf caucus? Is Nelson Chamisa the most popular leader in Zimbabwe or it is because he is  a leader of the best option there is for opposition? I wish we as a people could somehow be able to build a formidable caucus that would analyse these things and be able to deliver us from the hell we are in right now. Tribalism and horrible events of the past seriously impair our judgement and we need to find a way out. We need sane and neutral minds to deliver us from this evil. The current leadership has overdosed itself with power hunger and have become nothing but control freaks.

Talking about control freaks gets us to our so called 'War Veterans', who now are talking about establishing a 'war veterans museum'. Let me remind you that the Zipra forces were the best and strongest ever African assembled liberation army. It had an air force, guerrillas, ground force, armoured tanks and equipment for ground to air missiles. Above all that, it was disciplined. It's personnel of well trained soldiers was estimated at 10 thousand, far much stronger than their host's army, Zambia. Zanu pf destroyed all the records of Zipra's existence and I wonder what 'war veterans museum' they are talking about now. Surely there will be  misrepresentation of facts there, and total distortion of the liberation the war history. So forget about that museum being worthy of anything besides sprucing up some stupid ego of liberation claimants.

Now Emerson Mnangagwa and the gang are talking about abolishing the multi-currency system. This is clear failure politically. It's the dirty politics not the currency Mr President that you should abolish. A currency behaves in accordance to the dictates of the political patterns of the day. Fix the politics and everything will fall into line. You see Mnangagwa's administration is busy  inviting sanctions to itself by practicing bad politics - murders, arbitrary arrests, phoney judiciary adjudications, failure to address obvious corruption practiced right in front of their eyes and spending a lot of money gathering useless people together in the name of 'meetings for a political solution'. Who is this man? I find it not only unbelievable but quite absurd that we can call this grouping of crooks a government. Surely only God knows what next but this is no way to progress and even a fool can see that there is no future in this kind of politics. Please God deliver from evil.

Clemen Moyo  (Mr)
+263 712 708 284/778 662 090

Source - Clemen Moyo
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