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Israel Dube: first things first!

14 Jun 2019 at 14:19hrs | Views
I will really fear you and your organisation: MLO if you do the first thing first: go to Harare and arrest Mnangagwa, tie his arms and feet put a car tyre on his neck and petrol douse him to dead. Only then will I come to my senses that you are indeed a man of true deeds and not mere words and threats: Izenzo kungemazwi is your slogan. We have waited for a long very time hearing the same story how you will use guerrilla war fare to liberate Mathebeleland. We are aware of your threats too that those who will come on your way: hinder the "revolution" trying to liberate Mthwakazi will be cruelly murdered by neck lacing in Mrs. Madikizela Mandela way. We are getting sick of threats that have no substance whatsoever. They appear to be empty words: words that usually cowards use to cow down the most vulnerable in their midst: women and children.

If Israel did just one thing first: please demonstrate to all and sundry, go to Harare and arrest President Mnangagwa and murder him Madikizela Mandela killing style "neck lace". Only then can we realize that we are talking to a "man indeed and not a boy who forfeited mountain circumcision because of fear to become a real man. Israel Dube is a boy who uses threats because he knows that his party does not have any following in the region. Why such murderous threats if you are popular in Mathebeleland? There is no revolution worldwide that has threatened the very people they purport to liberate. You must be told that your "revolution" is just stuff and nonsense.

I read all your articles and collect them for a purpose. The global organisations that seek peace in conflict regions especially African continent must know that there is a conflict brewing in Mathebeleland and it needs to be monitored carefully. We cannot afford to put women and children in a war like conflict situation: we know that if there was a chance of war you will abscond and run away for cover in South Africa because you are cowards. We cannot afford to be disposables of careless and ruthless men who have no heart for its vulnerable niche; women and children: instead you intimidate us with murder by burning us alive. Your revolution is poor, it lacks all meaning of humanity hence you have turned fascists in the process.

This inflating of the number of casualties that took place in those Gugurahundi genocide years rules your organisation off as genuine stakeholders seeking real solutions in this Mathebeleland and Midlands region. Sometimes we are told its 40,000 sometimes its 80,000 today its 100,000. Who is going to take this organisation called MLO serious if they cannot accurately account for the cause they purport to stand for? In retrospect, we shall have to be guided by the Catholic Documents that have accurate number of casualties of genocide years. The number of casualties is 20,000 people and it is worse enough without having to exaggerate it.

Israel Dube; your tentacles are very long and can reach out to any place in the world, chasing those you deem as traitors: I live in Germany, stay in Berlin and Bremen interchangeably. I dare you if I am one of those traitors you are talking about. I just want to see how powerful you are to get me hear and burn me to death by neck lacing: in Germany, in Germany! If I was a coward like Israel Dube, I will be scared stiff: his message is to make people like myself petrified with fear, I don't.

We say no to cessation of this great country Zimbabwe. We shall make sure it shall never happen. We shall pursue dialogue that will lead to devolution so that one day; that one day we shall learn to live together Ndebeles, Shonas and all other ethnic minorities in a civilized manner. Those are civilized standards that world bodies will understand and not murderous threats. 

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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