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Mnangagwa still in a pipe dream

17 Jun 2019 at 10:03hrs | Views
It seems as if Emmerson Mnangagwa is failing to concede reality which is now making him to be delusional.

A couple of weeks there was word in the air that Mnangagwa was going to do Zimbabwe a favor and resign before he literally ruins the country but it seems as if he is rather sticking to his ego thinking he is salvaging the country.

Since his inception in 2018 things have been getting tougher and tougher. People are going for hours without electricity in this winter, lining up for hours just to fill up a gas tank, constant changes in the prices of goods and those who want or need to leave the country have had their movements put on a leash as the department of home affairs is only printing 30 passports a day.

The state run media is also seemingly intensifying the hallucination by constantly reporting that Mnangagwa is in the right direction because the people of Zimbabwe are saying so.
No one is going to come to the aid of Zimbabwe primarily because of Mnangagwa's policies which relatively don't make any sense, that is why Zimbabwe is constantly deteriorating because even the potential investors can see that there is no proper direction on the way Mnangagwa is headed, today he is saying this the next day he is doing a different thing.
Besides, Zimbabwe has numerous resources that can sustain the country for centuries to come without having to beg other countries for assistance but it's so unfortunate that Mnangagwa is failing to utilize the resources because of obscurity.

Even Theresa May the British Prime Minister is stepping down in a couple of weeks because she realized she cannot salvage the Brexit tug of war and the best way to temporarily solve the issue is to step down and this is what Mnangagwa should also do before he tears Zimbabwe apart.
If Mnangagwa is really into the "resuscitation mantra of Zimbabwe" he should step down and leave the baton to those who can, Zimbabweans have suffered enough!

Source - Daniel Itai
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