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'Matabeleland should be renamed Guruuswa'

17 Jun 2019 at 11:36hrs | Views
President of The African Democrats (TAD) Marco F Machona has called for the compensation of Shona people by the Ndebele for what he Ndebele invasion under the leadership of King Mzilikazi.

Machona who wrote a lengthy piece about the Ndebele-Shona conflict also said Matabeleland should have its name changed to Guruswa.

"As Zimbabwe  government calls for compensation of victims of Gukurahundi, TAD is challenging the Zimbabwe  govt to compensate victims of Ndebele invasion."Machona said. "We also call for name change, Matabeleland should be changed to its original name before Ndebele invasion which was Guruuswa."

Find Machona's full statement below:

The history of Zimbabwe , even before the Ndebele and British invasion is sad, yet fascinating, triumphal and mesmerizing yet characterized by manipulations, half  truths, myths, fabrications and omissions and commissions.

Of more interest to this (T.A. D) writer is the recent call by the Zimbabwe government to open to debates, discussions and compensations of the Gukurahundi atrocities. Excellent. Good for families and victims. But Zimbabwe govt forgot an important piece - the master piece to unite.

This is my case. It is with a heavy heart that not only did the Zimbabwe  govt attempt to erase and nullify the relationships and history between the Shonas and the Ndebeles but negates the discussions and compensations of atrocities committed by the Ndebeles on Shonas upon arrival from down South or its open discussion.

 It's my observation that as a nation, this very discussion was also classified. Zimbabwe  govt needs to respond to this matter and open up this debate.  

It can't be that only victims of Gukurahundi are honoured at the expense of the first ever Zimbabwe  genocide which was that committed on Shonas by the Ndebeles. The Shona tribe suffered at the hands of both the Ndebeles and the British.

Let's briefly educate our nation, especially the youths about the origin of the Ndebeles and how they ended up in modern day Matabeleland. For sake of your time and mine and our spaces, let's freeze or condense time.

It's reported that  Shaka Zulu was the undisputed King of the Zulus in KwaZulu Natal and the Ndebeles (SA & Zimbabwe  Ndebeles), collectively were / are one and direct cousins and rightful heirs of that Kingdom. UN conducted a Diasporan Summit and all African heads of state descended on Sandton, Johannesburg and I attended.

Where was I, am cleaning the house and its cold while writing this piece of history at the same time.... don't laugh... as soon as inspired, I write...  

During many tribal wars and conflicts, the Ndebeles were defeated, decapitated and almost vanquished but ran up north and never looked back till today NOR are the Zimbabwe  Ndebeles interested in talking about the fierce Shaka Zulu and their forsaken and forgotten land in KZN.

The Zimbabwe  Ndebeles continued to migrate in the northerly direction, but not before they fought with the Boers, then soldiered on to eventually settle at Matopos as their resting place before stealing Matopos from locals to make it their capital in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe.

One should admit, those bloody defeats made the Zimbabwe  Ndebeles warriors of note, sharpened their fighting skills, strategies and hardened their spirits. The Shonas, the VaNambiyans of the Victoria Falls were not an immediate match to the Ndebeles. But time continued to tick - tick -, Shona Uprising was launched against both British and Ndebeles.....then, listen carefully,... fighting the British was a bigger battle than this tribal war, the Shonas and Ndebeles agreed to fight on one side against the British. That was part of the Shona - Ndebele Uprising against Rhodesians. Shonas and Ndebeles put tribal fights aside for emancipation of Zimbabwe . That came to pass..... but not really between Shonas and Ndebeles... did they ever unite... #TAD asked!! This is why I thought of writing this article.

It goes without saying that no women enough left KZN with the Ndebeles, so they Nguni and Shona women became the mothers of Zimbabwe  Ndebeles and many were married by exchange between Shona and Ndebele Chiefs, many were  subjected to rape, forced marriages and an Ndebele Nation and Kingdom was firmly established in Matabeleland.  

It was not only the raids and theft of livestock that sustained the Ndebele Kingdom but first recorded was slavery of the Shonas and other local tribes in Zimbabwe  by the Ndebele tribe. With time, massacres of Shonas by the Ndebeles increased as Shona Chiefs and Kings resisted. The Uprising by the Shonas. Against tribal oppression.

Land belonging to the Shonas was stolen. Gold, grain and livestock were taken by the superior tribe. Shonas paid to Ndebeles all kinds of penalties, fines, biased judgements and lost wealth.

The first Shona Uprising was a catastrophic as thousands were massacred by the superior Ndebele nation. These atrocities were never discussed by any Zimbabwe  Govt nor was any redress or compensation permitted.

Their land was stolen as millions were later displaced,  the Ndebeles expanded and extended, changing names of sacred caves, mountains and places of worship at Matopo. That land is still in Ndebele Chiefs today. Nhasi chaiye - kutaura kuno.

The African Democrats (TAD) is calling for an open debate to this matter, return of stolen land that includes the whole of Matabeleland stretching to Masvingo and Midlands.

Genuine debate in Zimbabwe  politics and tribalism should be encouraged in this  nation building exercise.

Real debate that should unify and unite,  first the Shonas that should be a priority that Shonas unite before uniting with other tribes and nations. These are historical facts not tribalism.

As Zimbabwe  govt calls for compensation of victims of Gukurahundi, TAD is challenging the Zimbabwe  govt to compensate victims of Ndebele invasion.

We also call for name change, Matabeleland should be changed to its original name before Ndebele invasion which was Guruuswa.

TAD is for ONE Zimbabwe, free of xenophobia, tribalism and Africa without a boarder which is a free trade zone for all tribes. Zimbabwe  Ndebeles should join Shonas to build ONE Zimbabwe . Shonas say NO to a subdivided Zimbabwe  along tribal lines. No to a separate state - One Zimbabwe  For All. Shonas - time to re-build these Ruins. Time to rise and shine.  

Marco F Machona
Prince of Great Zimbabwe
President @ TAD.

Source - Marco F Machona
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