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There is Logic in Political Strategy

24 Jun 2019 at 20:23hrs | Views
Case Study : Opposition must copy few notes from Temba Mliswa !!!

There is what we call political logic, it's measured in sequence. One cannot be a cry baby for 21 years , remaining in opposition, giving excuses, power is not won Facebook, twitter or to be popular on social media or to be a popular social blogger !!! Alas there is what we call STRATEGIC INTELLIGENCE, it must knock sense in political players if one is to assume State House. I have earlier own reiterated that Zanu PF does not publish their strategies, they go under ground to plan and strategize, as we speak they have launched go rural whilst opposition give unnecessary threats in the form of mass protests. The energy you exhorted at congress must be used to re-group, mass mobilisation, recruitment drive, selling membership cards, turning the party into a commercial brand. How many times did Tsvangirai held press conferences giving threats in the form of final push? What did it yield? Power does not come on silver plate. Zanu PF is a very strong institution, when it comes to power they unite, they may have internal power struggles and fissures but it is very intact when it comes to power matrix. Chamisa gave threats in Gweru, and what did Zanu PF do? They came prepared to thwart any protest. The popular masses are measuring performance using what we call, Result Based Monitoring System ( RBMS), it's used in Monitoring and Evaluation concepts. It's very sufficient when dealing strategy and planning. What you don't realise is that Zanu PF is already ahead of anyone interms of planning,in 2023, they will have other strategies. There will be cry babies in 2023, after being knocked down. Ruling parties are not scared with press conferences or social media bloggers, you shake ruling parties when you start rural campaigns and voter mobilisation in unfettered or unentered areas.

Political Strategy

This is a proper political framework which is used to unlock the political gem. You don't need to publicise everything that comes to your mind. One must exercise caution when speaking on rallies. Most politicians get excited when they see crowds, it is better to write down notes.

Political Brand fades

In politics one must know that brands fade. It will come a time when people will say enough is enough we need someone new. Political office is an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to lead. Political achievements come through listening to advice and doing the right thing.

Grassroots connectivity

Painting cities with political colours is not what makes one win elections. Some are bused, some come to listen to music, some come to eat food, some come to enjoy and use such opportunities to offload their frustrations. Connectivity means how many party members do you have on the ground. How many structures do you have? Are the structures still intact? Do the structures still exist? What is it that they want? Demographic studies? Challenges, and cultural and social contexts. Adversely how many potential voters do we have in such , such an area?? What were the attendances of previous rallies and present? What has affected the attendances? Are we imparting the correct message?

Political penetration

I have laughed off when I see individuals holding rallies in same constituencies and areas? What's wrong? Why can't you go to unentered areas? Sometimes you may not need to hold rallies? You may do door to door rallies, sometimes you may have to use civilian or plain clothes and do mass mobilisation. Party regalias can make one identified. So what is important is results not regalia.

Technical Expertise

Technical expertise is not found on social media or bloggers but intellectual thinking. Look at Zanu PF, they don't think aloud. Look at ED, noone knows his next move. Very tactful. A clever political leader should keep his cards close to his chest. Keep your enemies guessing. Ruling parties invest their wealth in intelligence. Intelligence is power. That is where source of power lies. Recycling leaders is not necessary, bring proper expertise on board, people with fresh mindset and thinking.

Elections are not won Facebook ( Social platforms)

Winning elections is not numerically but strategic. Even if wrong figures are announced but, as long as announcements are made, a record has been set, one is a loser and one is a winner. Winning elections must be accompanied with Strategic Intelligence and proper planning. You present three (3) V 11 forms, and how then do you counter that? Most voters are on the ground. If you do a background study, delimitation exercise presented more rural seats than urban and automatically, Zanu PF outnumbers Opposition. We have more parliamentary seats in rural areas. Where was Opposition when delimitation exercise was taking place? Eg Glen View seat needs to be divided into three parts. Where was Opposition? Technically you are out and you can't reverse that?

Resource Mobilisation

How do you go to an election with 10 000 t shirts versus 3 million t shirts?? Can you win? Some political parties have one vehicle per district and some have non. Resources have impact on elections and play a critical role.

Empowerment Drive is key

When you make campaigns, it is an opportunity to market your political brand. Vanhu vanoda zvinobatika. People want to see practical things on the ground. Political arthritic or dergleichen or Detroit or rethoric is out of question, what is there to prove that you can convert or convince someone to vote for you. Ruling Governments ( parties), take advantage of the Government resources to campaign. You start now to empower people with projects and ideas eg Entrepreneurship Development, idelogical programs, employment initiatives, skills development etc.

Case Study : Norton Experience


You wounder why some people were voted in Parliament. Some have never uttered a word and this is a worry some issue, come election time, it's a time-bomb for some parties. The current Mp and party will be a casualty. People measure Performance and they look at results. Some go to Parliament to collect coupons ( fuel) , and when it comes to signing off for allowances, they make noise, come hot issues, wednesday segments they will be asleep. Come on wake up. We need live debates, people who speak sense and bring parliament to halt, discussing issues affecting the nation. Some have never been to their respective constituencies, they will be dining in hotels and bars. Visibility is key for the party and individuals. This is the time to start vetting for candidates for next parliament. This must be done to avert double candidates.

Temba Mliswa is practical, he is logical and he is always on the ground. It will be difficult for Ruling party or Opposition to grab Norton seat. He is hard working, visible on the ground. He is always on the ground. Come, 2023 he will get the seat. He speaks sense, he is logical and an intellect.


1. How do you win elections when you label chiefs as agents of other parties? - Build relationships with them

2. Stop cry baby of loosing elections and make your ground

3. Why should political parties start resource mobilisation towards elections?

4. Why do you want to capitalise on failure of ruling Government? Work for votes

5. Make sure your utterances come to pass, lest you will be rated a sophisticated lier

Zikomo !!!

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo - Doctor of Philosophy at Women's University of Africa - Candidate and he can be contacted at

Source - Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo
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