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Zanu PF Youth League move away from mother party

30 Jun 2019 at 07:40hrs | Views
In ZANU-PF all disciplinary cases should be dealt with in accordance with the laid down procedures set out in the party constitution.

In the case of provinces and other subordinate structures, disciplinary processes should be conducted in terms of Article 10 Section 77 to 82 as read together with Section 69 of the constitution.

In the case of disciplinary processes against members of superior organs, respective provinces should prefer charges and submit their recommendations to the Secretary for Administration for onward transmission to the National Disciplinary Committee for further due process. Article 10 of the party's constitution creates national and subordinate disciplinary committees.

Section 77 of the constitution empowers only the national disciplinary committee to expel a member from the party.

According to the Zanu PF constitution Chapter 4, Article 28 subsection 265: "A motion of no confidence shall be by a simple majority of at least two-thirds of all members of the appropriate organ."

Subsection 266 states that "a motion of no confidence must specify and detail the reasons thereof which reasons shall fall into any one of the following categories, namely: incompetence and/or dereliction of duty, gross misconduct and disloyalty or treachery".

ZANU PF handles its cases in the spirit of natural justice where accused persons are given the opportunity to defend themselves. The party had never dealt with cases through the press or social media.

Zanu-PF has clearly defined tenets of justice and had always vigorously pursued them. It is foreign to ZANU PF to have their dirty clothes washed in the media.

Accused persons first appear before a disciplinary committee whose report should capture all sides of the story. They are not to be paraded like chicken at a market. There is always a dignified way of dealing with your own in the party. ZANU PF is extremely disciplined and they can never stoop that low to start a bruising brutal games in the press.

The behaviour of our youth can never be applauded. The vibrant youth who became this overzealous ended up being ejected from the party. We have Malema formerly of ANC his zeal and itching to flout the rules and ethos of ANC saw him forming his own EFF. The youth league should have engaged in a dignified fight against corruption without resorting to a village gossip chat. The youth would have made a report to be presented to the National Disciplinary Committee, which in turn makes recommendations to the Politburo.

This free for all press conference and naming and shaming only shames but does not help.

The youth is degenerating into the old G40 culture of naming and shaming. This uncultured way smells of Grace Mugabe and must never be accepted in the civilised society.

Article 10:68 of Zanu-PF's constitution says, "The Central Committee may, on appeal or review, confirm, amend or reverse the decision of the National Disciplinary Committee. Which means of the youth are not happy there is a central committee to turn to.

Exposing the party to be attacked from outside, The youth sit in the PB why not seek advise on the issue that they want to raise though some of the issues are critical but should not be done through the press. its a shame for these young Cdes. Anything without substantive evidence is baseless and can be thrown away, the opposition will say ZANU PF protects criminals through these statements without evidence.

It must be made clear to our comrades that any accused persons should be allowed to defend themselves and have right of appeal. The idea is that we are not just kicking people out of the party without due procedure. This is why we should have members coming to defend themselves first before any action is taken against them. Or any press conference is prematurely called.

The youth can also appeal to Congress, which is the highest decision-making body of the party. This is also in line with our constitution. So rushing to the social media and the press was a great misfiring and must not be praised in anyway.

Many cadres are afraid to tell the youth that they are wrong. This will be a very wrong precedence.

The party must never be held at ransom by the one league. We can not simply forget how Women's League and youth League joined forces to destroy ZANU. PF. After the new dispensation we all said never again.

How could we be so short sighted. How can we forget so easily. How can we say we have forgotten.

The youth must be put in their place. No one person is bigger than the party. Not even one league is bigger than the party. No one is allowed to abuse the name of the president in order to pilot his own agenda.

The youth must be well disciplined. ZANU PF is not congress of baboons it is the party of excellency.

No one should ever seek relevance by accusing others. ZANU PF is for us all let us all keep it hospitable inside.

Youth must not be allowed to be bullies within the party. Let us unite as one revolutionary party. Nobody says corruption is condoned. Corruption is actually condemned. But lets do it following the due process.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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