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Zimbabwe needs a new team to work with Mnangagwa

01 Jul 2019 at 18:53hrs | Views
Cabinet shake-up is the only practical way to strengthen economy:

President ED should aim to strengthen Zimbabwe's economy with a thorough reshuffle, highlighting changes in economics-related ministers in order to address global economic challenges. The presidents needs to be bold shed the deadwood remove the useless pump in new blood and introduce measures to net corrupt officials.  

In the shake up nepotism must not be used in anyway and ministers must be appointed on merit.  
challenges such as poverty, economic inequality and regional quality, should the aim and target for reshuffle. Reshuffle must not be done on partisan basis. It should stressed that measures to address these issues needed to be stepped up. Only change and fast actions and decisions will work to triumph amid tight competition and slow-paced global economic growth, The Cabinet reshuffle would serve to strengthen the government's performance and restore confidence in the country and party.

A system to to work optimally so that Cabinet is able to work faster, more efficiently, more solidly and more supportively, allowing people to see real results must be adopted.  There must be a system where investors are fast tracked so that projects are implemented as soon as they are mulled.  

The reshuffle, must mean total change over not just shuffling the druggies and drunkards around. existing ministers must only be returned on performance.  new faces have to be appointed, largely to economic related positions. The new ministers will be compliant to change and reality.  Worshiping and praising ministers must be put to churches and not to cabinet.  Ministers must be able to understand their ministry and must have people at heart first.

Ministerial posts must be people oriented and economy should be our priority
Economy is directly linked to our relations to the international community. The minister should be a negotiator and not party policy pusher  
Ministers must be allowed to turn around their ministries without interference by politically correct worshipers.

Without a complete turn around the economy will slide away into abyss.   
The corrupt ministers must be arrested and tried promptly without delay. Public rebuke is not enough it only makes the public more anxious and restless.

The life styles of officials must reflect the entire economic situation of the nation.  
Officials must be brought to account and foreign trips must be taken only on essential meetings and the entourage must be reasonable.

If the minister of finance maps out a plan which might be less popular he should be allowed to see his plan out. Remaking an economy is not an easy task and must carry pains and aches.  Let us carry the pains through as Joy only comes in the morning.
A new better Zimbabwe is possible
Bold and painful measures must be taken. Zimbabwe must be given a chance to work again.
We have a brighter future ahead of us. We must as a country embrace success and march on in glory.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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