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Dr Mqabuko must be declared a saint - Livingstone statue must be replaced with that of Father Zimbabwe

02 Jul 2019 at 09:38hrs | Views
Yes! Mqabuko must be declared determination great humanist. His legacy will linger in our minds forever. One important issue which can help is to remove the statue of Livingstone and replace it with that of Mqabuko.

The main falls is not called David Livingstone falls. It is simply called the 'main falls'. So, change of statue into one of our own will certainly help a lot. That will help cherish our own history rather than the imperialist history.Of what good is it not to cherish your own history but to cherish that of an intruder?. More over by the time Livingstone and his men came Zimbabwe was already inhabited by our forefathers. So, whose history must we remember most?.

Every people has a history which it has to value and cherish dearly . We need to take a robust action as a people of Zimbabwe to ensure that our history is cherished.To ensure that our culture is cherished.To ensure that our values and norms are cherished.

A people that does not do this has a dysfunctional society. For a society to function, the above must be done. To honour our own heroes is very important.Our children must know that the aforementioned hero and others fought gallantly for our self a determination.

Therefore he must be highly recognised?. More so we must not forget the first 'UPRISINGS'/IMPIYOMVUKELA/FIRST CHIMURENGA WARS. To add value to that, a special day for that must be put in our national calander.

If its not only in our history books and social studies books, then it will have more weight or value. This day can be on the 17 of April of every year, as it marks the first war(s) of self a determination.

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