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Govt institutions doing havoc to our finances and resources

03 Jul 2019 at 07:42hrs | Views
Clemen Moyo
If we are going to be so irresponsible, so reckless, so unaccountable, so extravagent and so unprincipled in handling our meagre resources, who is going to trust us with aid and credit lines? If you want to learn about financial mismanagement and unaccountability of the highest order, read the latest government General Auditor Mildred Chari's report.

Government institutions and parastatals are doing havoc to our finances and other resources. What happemed to the treasury rules/instructions? For an example, according to the Mildred Chari audit report, Harare City Council is supposed to have 130 something ambulances but can only account for 30 something ambulances. Where are the other 100 something? Social services receive money meant for the less privileged but use it for travel and subsistence allowances.

Traveling to where to do what?  These are just but a few problems that she mentioned in her report but there's a lot more that are so devastating. The tax collectors in the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority(Zimra) drive nice and expensive cars and there have been so many allegations of misappropriation of funds in Zimra. The bankrupt Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority(Zesa) bosses' houses in Borodale and Gunhill are in the type of magificence that is out of this world and one wonders where the money for building them came from. Retired General Chiwenga's house, yoh. Someone please check his army payslip.

These folks live lavishly in heaven on earth and you would think they dine with God. Our houses are far less expensive than their dogs' kernels. The NASSA scandals that apparently, as it looks, cannot be stopped. The gold mine claims racket that has taken the country by storm. The fuel racket conducted in front of the law monitors' eyes. How does the world then assist a country that is not only administratively in tatters like this but are also in total denial of their incompetence. How about the total neglect of citizens' human rights that the world has to bear with. These thinks matter very much and we can only ignore them at our own peril.

I hear Mthuli Ncube is negotiating a deal with Afriximbank to capacitate imports and exports, a good move indeed but is that money going to be channelled for that. My problem is trusting this government. They tend to forget and negate developmental goals and opt for luxury. This is a government of mass rallies, wishful thinking, empty promises and blatant lies.

We need developmental plans that are geared at helping our suffering people, plans that are pinned to the constitution and that involve parliament. Plans that will provide jobs and food security. Zanu pf has not been able to do that for almost four decades now. Who are these people in politics? We need to be Zimbabweans in this blink economic future we are facing; not zanu pfs or mdcs, otherwise there will no solution to our problem.

Source - Clemen Moyo
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