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Emmerson Mnangagwa's cabinet review

03 Jul 2019 at 08:51hrs | Views
News doing the rounds says the Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe has passed on , it seems Chiwenga and Robert Mugabe have one thing in common - they both die in the media and resurrect miraculously.

Vice President Chiwenga has spent most of his time battling health issues and avoiding the public eye and limiting his functionality as leader of Government business in Parliament. The VP when available is a top performer who courts controversy but does get the job done.

Minister of State Security Owen Mudha Ncube is only known for shutting down and how he handled the January shutdown, further than that we have not seen nor heard of the Touch bomber.

Kirsty Coventry was celebrated on her appointment as Minister of Sports. Kirsty was hailed as a professional who would get things done and bring glory to the sports sector. I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Kirsty has let the nation down. The warriors performance or lack thereof is an indication of a troubled football nation that has been let down by the ghosts of maladministration. ZIFA chose 60 odd bodies to go and make merry in Egypt , players left without contracts and the Minister is aloof. Zim cricket is probably at its worst ever state. Zim Rugby has chaos of its own and the Minister of Sports is probably enjoying green tea in a government office somewhere. Sports wise our generation has nothing to celebrate save for Kirsty's swimming medals we have nothing to display , COSAFA doesn't count really. Kirsty Coventry is another nonperforming cabinet minister.

Joram Gumbo - one wonders why the President still keeps him in Cabinet. He brings controversy and 2 year payments for non existent fuel can he just go back to Mberengwa and join his cousin Rugare Gumbo as they both sink into oblivion.

Mangaliso Ndlovu , shame !! I feel for the young man. Industry has no respect for him , he cannot enforce order because no one listens to him. He makes a pronouncement and industry ignores at best, and at worst industry goes direct to the President circumventing the Minister and his office. He is probably the worst industry minister we have had as a nation ever.

Fortune Chasi is fairly new and already carries the stain of public embarrassment stemming from the ESKOM payment sham. He inherited a difficult ministry which is run by cartels and those who out rank Chasi by far. He might win the fight but its a long shot. The Energy sector "kune zvinhu zve vanhu hakutambirwe". If I were ED I would make Obert Mpofu the minister of Energy he is a seasoned veteran who knows how to whip cartels and their bosses into line.

Kazembe Kazembe carries the Telecel fight on his shoulders and he seems to be managing quiet well. The Ministry of ICT is still lagging behind in terms of international standards and practices but for a country like ours Kazembe Kazembe is doing well as Minister ICT.

Obadiah Moyo came in as Minister and waltzed into the scene with a storm over his credentials. He held his head up high and got down to business. Zimbabwe will soon have a new treatment regiment for persons with HIV , we have a new medicines supply deal with India, machines at General hospitals are being replaced or repaired. Save for a few financial glitches the Ministry of health is soldiering on and Obadiah Moyo is a street wise minister who is getting the job done.

Paul Mavhima the minister of Education is no longer visible. He seems to be keeping a low profile and trying to stop teachers from engaging in industrial action. The Education amendment bill is taking too long , computerisation of schools is at a stand still and minister Mavhima was last seen somewhere in a landcruiser - end of review !!

Amon Murwira our esteemed Minister of higher education, keep up the good work. The minister has brought sanity and order to most higher learning institutions. He even got rid of the fossils at UZ ie Levi Nyagura (lol). We need to see more in terms of an improvement in the quality of education and skills gained by learners , but overall Minister Murwira is above average in a cabinet of non performers.

Minister Defence Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri , its difficult to rate or review her as that ministry is shrouded in so much secrecy. The only observation is that her deputy is more visible and raspier than the minister.

Minister of Home Affairs Cain Mathema , he is probably busy with his young wife with a do not disturb sign hanging over their door. He will attend to government business when done, I thank you !!

Minister Transport Joel Biggie Matiza, this man is currently the only shining star in cabinet after all he is a muyera  Soko. Matiza is weeding out corruption at VID , he is presiding over the most successful infrastructure development project the nation has ever seen. Matiza doesn't publicize his efforts but his results are shouting volumes. Even the President gets excited when he talks about the work of Engineer JB Matiza. Fortune Chasi looked good basking in the glory of JB Matiza and now that he has to build his own sun to shine at energy it's a difficult state.

Mthuli Ncube the minister of Finance is doing +#%-&&@%. It's gibberish and we can barely make head or tail of it. The state of the economy , public mood and prices of commodities we need counselling and therapy as a nation. Mthuli Ncube is the greatest test to our mental wellness as a nation.

Minister Perence Shiri promised us a land audit I think its on its way and will be here in time to celebrate vision 2030 with us. Minister Shiri is turning GMB into the largest grain cartel in the country and his regulations are likely to cause shortages. Command Agriculture is eeerm , uhhhm I can't find the right English word for it but aluta continua comrades.

Minister Tourism is basking in the glory of the work that was done by Walter Mzembi. Bro Wale left that ministry at the top of its game. Chief KK was also effective and good at what he did regardless of his methods and the cost thereof. The current minister hasnt done anything wow or worth mentioning. The only mention she got was from Lewis Matutu.

Minister SB Moyo has been ministering and ministering while he awaits redeployment to the position of Vice President. Sanctions are still there , reengagement is still a buzz word and hopefully we will see more fruits from it, right now we are only seeing fruits from the Look East policy and we all know whose policy that was. Minister SB Moyo is also minister of International trade, considering that we still sit on a massive trade deficit I believe the ministry hasnt found new markets for Zim products.

Minister Sthembiso Nyoni has brought nothing new to the table. Her old failed idea of women microfinance was turned into a whole bank dubbed Women's bank the results thereof are not yet showing. She continues to promote small businesses but isn't talking growth. Zimbabwe is an informal economy which needs strong measures for the informal sector to go formal and contribute meaningfully to GDP and GNP. Sthembiso Nyoni probably hasnt run a successful business before and wouldn't know the mechanics of formalizing the informal sector. She needs a strong team of business persons to advise her maybe the President could lend her the Presidential Advisory Council and I am sure we would see amazing results.

Monica Mutsvangwa is doing a good job though it is sad that she is normally flanked by Nick Mangwana and is treating Energy Mutodi like a non existent outcast. They need to work together if they are to win the propaganda war in this economy.

Any minister not mentioned please go to work and do some actual work.

Nicholas Ncube is a blogger and researcher based in Ontario Canada

Source - Nicholas Ncube
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