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Mnangagwa's allies revealed

04 Jul 2019 at 09:47hrs | Views
In the Political space, a man needs worthy allies to help him consolidate power as well as keep the train on the rails on the economic front.

President Mnangagwa might have political allies in the form of Victor Matemadanda, Energy Mutodi and several other key loyalists and allies the President still needs key economic allies.

The question though becomes does President Mnangagwa have key economic players who are his allies and driving towards a common and shared vision.

The Energy sector has let down the President and his vision and the performance of the sector indicates that the President doesn't have any key allies who are pulling in the same direction as he is. The industry has held the nation at ransom and behaves like a law unto itself and it is the public that suffers and becomes frustrated with the situation while energy dealers live largely and spend lavishly at the expense of the electorate. President Mnangagwa needs to be mindful of the fact that the public will vent its frustration in the ballot box during the next election. Energy is a key sector and the President needs allies who are working towards fulfilling the President's mandate to the masses. Fuel queues, load shedding these do not help the people and damage the President's tenure as people become frustrated and overall unhappy with the leadership.

The Grain sector is a key area for the people of Zimbabwe. The people want bread, mealie meal and other grain products at affordable prices. Thus far the Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe GMAZ has proven to be a key ally and vision bearers in the food security sector. President Mnangagwa's vision is safe and sound in the hands of the GMAZ leadership. Tafadzwa Musarara has ensured that he runs a tight ship that is able to deliver at affordable prices and keep the masses happy and satisfied. President Mnangagwa probably holds GMAZ in high regard as they have demonstrated to be a key and unwavering ally in harsh economic times.

Industry and Commerce is one area where the President needs to seriously take time and look at those who frequent his office with gifts, Bible verses, high sounding words and expensive suits. Are they really friends of the Emmerson Mnangagwa vision or are they wolves in sheep's clothing. Profiteering schemes are being coordinated by some people who frequent the President's office. They are hurting the masses in the name of profits and lifestyles. The electorate is suffering and they blame the political leadership and not captains of industry. President Mnangagwa as a politician needs to be wary of such characters as they will make the road to 2023 very difficult.

Transport operators have united and stood with the government. The support that they have offered ZUPCO is amazing and has lessened the burden on the commuting public. The President truly has an ally and vision bearers in the transport sector.

The mining fraternity is still operating in an environment of secrecy, and scepticism. The mining industry has not fully come to the party of economic development in line with President Mnangagwa's vision. The industry needs to do more and support the economy which is in need of forex generated by the mining industry. Minister Chitando is a man who understands the industry and is respected by his peers hopefully he will bring them all to the table soon because the President needs a viable mining sector to form part of the economy's backbone.

The financial services sector is one important area where the President really needs help, allies and prayers. It is sad when people have to buy money. Getting cash from mobile money is a hustle, the cash comes at a premium 15% for coins on a good day and 20-25% for notes. The agents will tell you that they bought the money and have to put a markup. Banks still have queues, cash is unavailable if not limited. The ATM machines are no longer spitting out bills. The money supply side is probably being tampered with and there is a need for interventions. People should not be charged to get their hard earned money. The President needs vision bearers and allies who will ensure that the industry meets the needs of the people.

Zimbabweans do not demand much, all they require is affordable food on the table, electricity, water, adequate transport and a normal flow of cash. The President needs to act on these and ensure that the responsible industries, authorities and players are in line with his vision. Nation building is not the President's task alone, he needs key allies in key sectors. The people do not blame sector players when things go wrong, they blame national leadership. The President has a few good allies and he really needs more allies pulling in the same direction as him to make Zimbabwe a better place for all.

Nicholas Ncube is a researcher and blogger based in Ontario Canada

Source - Nicholas Ncube
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