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Ndebele 'King' addresses the nation

04 Jul 2019 at 13:19hrs | Views
I would like to make it known that I, as King of Matabeleland alias Mthwakazi, am very much committed to the Restoration of my Kingdom. I also want the whole world to know that the whole Inter-cultural society of this Kingdom is behind its King on this issue of the Restoration of their Kingdom of Matabeleland. I have been visiting communities both urban and rural in my "the King meets the people tours" since 2015. I have also held many meetings with the diasporians. There is obviously a lot of fear amongst my people. They are terrified of the Zimbabwe government and its security agents, including the police for obvious reasons. They fear all the Presidents of Zimbabwe, past and present; the reasons are obvious. However the message is the same; enough is enough. We all have had more than enough of this 125 years of slavery.


On 29th October 1889 the Sovereign of the British Crown, a colonial power, granted the "BSA Co, (Cecil Rhodes' company) a Royal Charter of Incorporation and conferred it with all the powers of a government on all lands north of the Limpopo River. Needless to say that the British Crown had no such powers to confer in that part of the world. The territory on target was specifically the Kingdom of Matabeleland. Blessed with the Royal Charter the BSA Co did not waste any more time. They recruited 948 mercenaries in preparation to invade the Kingdom of Matabeleland unprovoked and this they did. After the conquest of the Kingdom of Matabeleland on 4th November 1893 the British Crown arbitrarily decided to legalize the contraband deal of the BSA Co. pioneers, referred to as the "Victoria Agreement' of 14 August 1893" which was a scheme of displacing the people of Matabeleland and loot their cattle.
This was done through the proclamation of the Matabeleland Order-in-Council on 19th July 1894, an act which usurped our sovereignty and formed the basis of conferring the jurisdiction to the BSA Co. to rule us, in Matabeleland by right of conquest, the Company then became "our king". In simple language it means to be ruled as slaves; people with no rights or any ownership. The British Crown was fully aware that the Kingdom of Matabeleland was a signatory to the Moffat's Treaty of Peace and Unity (between the Kingdom of Matabeleland and Her Majesty's Kingdom) signed on 11 February 1888 by King Lobengula and Reverend Robert Moffat on behalf of Queen Victoria. The British Crown was also fully aware that both signatories were Sovereign Kingdoms and had legal obligations to respect their commitments to this Treaty. The Victoria Agreement promised each mercenary a 6350 hectare farm, 15 reef and 5 alluvial gold claims, a loot of Ndebele royal communal cattle and a loot of the King's royal treasure.

In 1914 the Royal council of Matabeleland sent Prince Nyamande to challenge the BSA Co.'s rule by conquest. The verdict of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council on 19 July 1918 was that: "The Ndebele Sovereignty had been broken up and replaced by a new, better system as defined by the Matabeland Order- in-Council of 1894" resulting with our continued repression. Prince Nyamande failed to produce witnesses to prove his claim of the Kingdom.
Before the case started the BSA Police had arrested and deported the Prince's attorneys, John Harris who was instructed by the London based Anti-Slavery and Aborigines Protection Society, and Alfred Mangena a lawyer from the ANC of South Africa at the old Bulawayo air-port to prevent evidence from reaching the court.

After the above judgment had usurped the Sovereignty of the Kingdom of Matabeleland through the said Order which replaced our statehood, Her Majesty's government did again through the 1923 Constitution of Southern Rhodesia, confer the jurisdiction to the white supremacy regimes who were comprised of its descendants, the power of reigning over us through conquest, using the legal bases of the said Order, an act which continued to seriously prejudice our wellbeing for a duration which accrued to a total of 87 years under racial domination. The verdict did replace the BSA Co. rule, but only with the white supremacy rule which conferred to them the same powers of executing the Matabeleland Order-in-Council, resulting with the continuation of racial domination over us, the people of Matabeleland while reserving exclusive privileges for the white people in a manner that prejudiced our life.

In 1980 again Her Majesty's government went further to use the said Order as the legal basis of simultaneously decolonizing Mashonaland with the status of an independent Republic of Zimbabwe, to which it consequently transferred the mandate of ruling us in Matabeleland by conquest, to the black majority supremacy regime comprising of the Shona tribe through "The Zimbabwe Constitution Order 1980 (S.I. 1980/390 of the United Kingdom) made 19th March 1980". an act which has perpetrated tribal domination for 39 years bringing the duration of repression in Matabeleland to a total 125 years.
I therefore, want the world to know that the deliberate and perpetual rule by conquest during the past 125 years has seriously prejudiced our livelihood in our homeland of Matabeleland. My people's whole well-being has been jeopardized. We are also rendered into the survival crisis by deliberately committed crimes against humanity and abuse of human rights as follows:

Matabeleland/Mthwakazi is an Inter-Cultural Society. The people of Matabeleland have been deliberately and perpetually displaced since the Land Commission's exercise of 1894 which evicted us from our ancestral habitable lands to inhabitable wildernesses in the native reserves whose aims were described by the General Manager of the BSA Company Wilson Fox as "to turn the Natives into wage-labourers as rapid as possible. As the country developed; natives were to be sucked into the money economy so that the need for the reserves would disappear. Natives should be absorbed as live members of the social organism integrated into an economic streamline based on class of wage-earners without need for the land".

We have also been perpetually and deliberately subjected to septic torture which subjected us to the environment which is not suitable for human habitation, as confessed by the Governor Chancellor in 1936 that: "There is undoubtedly cause for complain. To be turned off a farm in Central Matabeleland often entailed a track of a 50 to100 miles to the nearest reserve which was usually deficient in water supply. Many Africans whose homes were on the high veld succumbed to malaria when they were moved to the lower, fever stricken areas." These areas in the native reserves, which have not been improved still continue to record the highest numbers of malaria annually and poor yields of both livestock and food crops.

I also submit that we continue to be denied even the right to our self-reliance since the rule of conquest, although we the people of Matabeleland are capable of providing ourselves with clean water from the Zambezi River and we did initiate a community based water trust to supply our drought prone areas. The majority supremacy regime intervened and usurped our scheme and suppressed the scheme resulting with our permanent clean water problems. The same goes for electrical power. We are forced to suffer power cuts that go on for days and the situation continues to deteriorate. Lives are continuously lost through accidents from candles and open paraffin lamps.

As the people of Matabeleland we are also being deliberately and perpetually impoverished since the Loot Committee of Captain Herman M. Heyman which looted 80% of the Kingdom's communal royal herd of cattle which formed the base of our economic system. These numbered over half a million cattle. We are also being impoverished by heavy taxation that was nastily suggested by the BSA Company regime.

The human dignity of the people of the Kingdom of Matabeleland has been deliberately and perpetually degraded since our evictions from our ancestral homes to the native reserves whose usual inclinations were observed by Oliver as "to kill two birds with one stone, and to appropriate the land with a view to starving the natives into working for the white expropriators on their own former property".

Our Inter-Cultural Society of Matabeleland has also been perpetually and deliberately discriminated since the rule by conquest was perpetrated by the white supremacy regime, the objective of whose national policy according to the editor of Native Affairs Department Annual N.H. Wilson was "to secure that the development of the natives in such a way that he will come as little as possible in conflict or competition with the white men socially, economically and politically", the policy has later been perpetrated by the black majority supremacy regime of Zimbabwe.

We have also been deliberately and perpetually robed of our land and deprived the basic means of livelihood as dictated by Rhodes that "the recommendations of the Land Commission must be confined to Matabeleland and be final. The Company had no intention of providing free land for natives as their numbers increased. The Company had won the war and was entitled to dictate the pace. The land left over after the Europeans had helped themselves is not designed to be the African share".


Our Inter-Cultural Society of Matabeleland has also been deliberately subjected to four uncalled for wars emanating from the Victoria Agreement and legalized by the Matabeleland Order-in-Council including two unprovoked invasions the first one by the Pioneer column in 1893, the second by the Gukurahundi Column in the 1980s, and the other two wars of self-defense one in 1896 and another one in the1970s. And that all these wars have had devastating negative impact in our well-being in the form of deaths, injuries, diseases, disappearances, torture, rape, mutilation of human bodies, mental illnesses and traumatic stress to mention the few effects of wars on our well-being. On 4th April 1983, at the height of the Gukurahundi massacres and
atrocities in the Kingdom of Matabeleland the then Zimbabwean Minister of State Security, Emerson Mnangagwa in his usual landmark arrogance and his heartless hatred for the Ndebele people proudly stated; "Blessed are they who will follow the path of the government laws for their days on earth will be increased, but woe unto those who will choose the path of collaboration with dissidents for we will certainly shorten their stay on earth." This he said as they raped and reaped open pregnant women. Mnangagwa is the current President of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe: The status quo as it Entails Now:

It is in the record of the 1918 verdict of the Privy Council that the collapse of the Ndebele Sovereignty was replaced by the Matabeleland Order-in-Council of 1894. I also want to bring to your attention that in law, Zimbabwe has no direct governing responsibility over Matabeleland. Zimbabwe is only a Trustee of the British Crown in terms of statutory instrument 1980/390 of the UK made on 19th of March 1980 which transferred the mandate of Matabeleland from white settlers to Mashonaland alias Zimbabwe, pending the restoration of the Kingdom of Matabeleland when the Matabeleland Order-In-Council has been revoked.

Zimbabwe is the British Trustee on the Conquest of Matabeleland.

Zimbabwe holds the Trust ship of Matabeleland on behalf of Britain. In terms of the Lancaster House Agreement. Britain remains the direct colonizer with the full responsibility for decolonizing Matabeleland. In law the circumstantial fate of Matabeleland, Britain is directly responsible for the plight of the people of Matabeleland in its capacity as the colonial power which accepted all the responsibility of the BSA Co. during the Land Case at the Judiciary Hearing by the Privy Council in 1918. On the other hand Mashonaland alias Zimbabwe, by accepting the parceling of Matabeleland into its own responsibility as a Trustee of Britain, is legally bound to surrender its mandate over Matabeleland back to the authentic colonial power to enable the people of Matabeleland to address their question directly to the rightful respondent. I have tried everything civil to engage the former and the current president of the Republic of Zimbabwe, but like the British they have continued to ignore me.

The BSA Co conquered Matabeleland in the name of the British Crown. The Co was paid a compensation of "Four million, two hundred and fifty thousand pounds" as the costs of administering Matabeleland during the past twenty- five years. The British Crown is obliged to assume its responsibility.

The Lancaster House Agreement is an Old British Trick of Installing Slave-Driving Regimes

The legal terminology of the Lancaster House Agreement shrouded the question of Matabeleland within "the UDI and the Cease Fire issues". The agreement addressed the issue of the war of the Patriotic Front against the Rhodesia Front and overlooked the issue of the plight of the people of Matabeleland, by deciding to parcel the legal question of Matabeleland which had remained in suspense as a Privy Council ruling of 1918, through a political Trustee to secure Britain's responsibilities in Matabeleland within the custody of the regime of its former colony.

When the people of Matabeleland resisted the Company rule through the Land Case of 1918, Britain used the white supremacy to install the trustee over Matabeleland.

During the formation of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, the colonialists wanted to confer the mandate of running central Africa to the Salisbury regime. They had to craft a constitution which granted more powers to Southern Rhodesia. This constitution allocated more seats to Southern Rhodesia in the Federal Parliament.

The white settlers were allocated Southern Rhodesia – 17 seats Northern Rhodesia – 11 seats Nyasaland – 7 seats

Africans having one seat in each of these five territories Mashonaland - 1 seat
Matabeleland – 1 seat Barotseland – 1 seat Northern Rhodesia – 1 seat Nyasaland – 1 seat

Thus done the Salisbury white supremacy was guaranteed as Britain's Trustees within three countries.
Likewise during the Lancaster House Conference Britain preferred Mashonaland alias Zimbabwe to be its Trustee in Matabeleland whose question it had left pending when it decolonized Mashonaland. Hence in the New Constitution of Zimbabwe
a)    Mashonaland - 60 seats
b)    Matabeleland -20- seats without guarantees
c)    White people - 20 seats with guarantees
Thus done Mashonaland being a territory with a larger population was enshrined as Britain's political Trustee in the legal question of Matabeleland. Whoever would have won the elections, Mashonaland would have remained the British Trustee.

HRM King Mzilikazi II

Notwithstanding the fact that the Zimbabwean authorities in law have no legal governing authority over my Kingdom of Matabeleland, I have received a lot of disrespect and harassment from their police. My people go through the same everyday. On 19th  August 2017 and 31st  August 2017 the police came to my home in their numbers and with their dogs to search my premises as if they were dealing with an armed bandit. On the 12th of September 2017, they blocked my inauguration at the Trade Fair Grounds in Bulawayo. Tens of thousands of my people (the whole inter cultural society) had come from far and wide to coronate their King, only to be met with unprovoked police violence and police armoured cars. This police behavior almost led to violence. I personally had to move in to calm the angry, unarmed, disciplined crowd and to call off the meeting. On the 5th of November 2017, they blocked our prayer meeting that was meant for praying for inhlanyelo "seed" for the people and to pray for rain, a traditional ceremony.
The meeting was to be held eGcekeni leNxwala. The police were deployed at the venue as early as 6am and started assaulting the people as they peacefully streamed to the venue. In the process they fractured the arm of one man and still refused to allow him to receive medical attention. They arrested 41 people and when l went to inquire why they had arrested the people, they arrested me as well. I pleaded for all the people to be freed because they had committed no crime. Finally after practically the whole day there they did, but I spent the night in their jail cell and was dragged through their courts the following day. On the 8th of December 2018 they blocked another Big meeting which was to be held at the White City stadium in Bulawayo where I had invited Kings from the Sadc region. All this is happening because the verdict of "rule by right of conquest" is still very much alive in the British courts till today.

The Unity Accord 1987 (Gukurahundi Column- an Invasion Force}

I want to reaffirm once again that the Kingdom of Matabeleland alias Mthwakazi in law is not part of Mashonaland, alias Zimbabwe. There is no union agreement that the Kingdom of Matabeleland ever signed with Mashonaland. I want to submit that the Gukurahundi column just like the Pioneer column, was an Invasion Force. The Unity Accord of 1987 which was signed as a result of that invasion was designed to force Matabeleland to surrender its sovereignty over to Zimbabwe through conquest. However the agreement has become of less value than even the paper it is written on. So the only valid argument that Zimbabwe can bring forward to justify their behavior on us is that they are here as a British Trustee to perpetuate the British interests of continuously enslaving the people of Matabeleland and to suppress the Restoration of our Kingdom. Just as they did to Prince Nyamande, the British through their Trustee - Zimbabwe want to set themselves as the "Authority" that recognizes who becomes king or if there should be a king at all in Matabeleland. Hence their behavior and attitude towards my coronation.

I fully recognize the sovereignty of the Government of Zimbabwe and I have no intentions to sabotage or usurp power whether legally or illegally now or in the future. However the boundaries of their jurisdiction do not extend to the country of Matabeleland. Their current conduct is illegal and must cease forthwith. We owe it to ourselves, to Africa and the world to be sincere and to display sanity in our behavior.

The Jameson Line

I want to submit that the creation of the so called Jameson Line by the White settlers was designed to achieve two major purposes namely: 1) to create a territory where they would build a political "Shona" tribal kingdom which would save as a British Trustee. 2) to create an agent for and a mind of tribalism to be used as a destabilizing agent. There are many people of Shona origin who are as Ndebele as any Khumalo. Mzilikazi's kingdom was never a class or tribal one, he was building a nation. Tribalism, racism are foreign philosophies in our Mother Land. There are many Shona Chiefs beyond that Line who proudly declare Mzilikazi as their king even today. Unfortunately many years later the architects of gukurahundi were careful to follow their master's line in order to give reality to the "political tribal kingdom" and to enhance the tribalism mentality. The killings were designed to evoke anger and then counter tribalism by "Ndebeles against their "Shonas" killers. Jameson and his friends seem to have won again.
To Zimbabwe Republic Police

Every state apparatus operating within the Kingdom of Matabeleland owes its allegiance to the King and to the Kingdom of Mthwakazi. The justification to this truth or fact has been stated earlier. Any police behavior that is found to be contrary to this fact only confirms that we are dealing with "mercenaries" of the Victoria Agreement. You seem to have inherited so much from the BSAP which was Rhodes' company police to save his company interests. Just like them, you believe that Ndebele people are slaves with no rights. Human laws and human dignity do not apply when it comes to them. This mentality must cease forthwith.

The Declarations

On the 5th of November 2016, l was at Gadade and made the following declarations. Today l want to reiterate the same declarations because they are authentic. I, HRM King Mzilikazi II, as Head of my Kingdom of Mthwakazi alias Matabeleland, do hereby today revoke with immediate effect every agreement entered into verbally or written, on behalf of the Kingdom of Matabeleland/Matebele/Mthwakazi or Matebeleland after 2nd November 1893. All such agreements as concerning its sovereignty, its boundaries, its peoples, languages, cultures, lands, all its resources and wealth, etc; as long as any such agreement was/is not signed or ratified by King Mzilikazi or King Lobhengula or HRM King Mzilkazi II. This includes the Rudd Concession fraud which was repudiated by King Lobhengula. Any such agreements are illegal, non-contractual and non-binding, therefore null and void. This includes all rights of citizenship and all permits. Matabeleland is a Kingdom and the King is the Head of the Kingdom and custodian of his people, his country and the laws therein, as well as the resources. No government, or political leader or chief has ever had any legal legitimacy or binding authority over Matabeleland or Mthwakazi Kingdom.
The justification for nullifying any such agreements as shown earlier, is that they all emanate from this one source; the Victoria Agreement of 11 August 1893 whose basis was to murder the Ndebele people, take their land/country and loot their cattle, wealth and resources. This was arbitrarily legalized to the Matabeleland Order-in-Council and it has remained valid in the British courts till this day as I have shown above. Suffice to say that there is no proof of our involvement at any legitimate level in all these arrangements. On the contrary there is more than enough evidence to show that we have challenged these things even with our very lives from day one.

Also nullified today are all land rights regardless of whatever letter or paper one is carrying, and all mining and hunting rights and all other related rights. Also included are the rights to operate business and to own property. All such agreements will need to be ratified by the King of Mthwakazi or a "rightful" authority in order for them to be validated. The reasons are obvious and most reasonable. We are also not accountable to whatever losses that were or are incurred in the process.

The Kingdom of Matabeleland reserves its right to claim indemnities for all the losses which it incurred during its subjection to the rule by conquest. The claims may be made through any means including the International Court of Justice, the Privy Council or even outside court settlements depending on the circumstances and the gravity of the issue.

To Britain
However it still remains for the British Crown to revoke her verdict of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council of 19th July 1918, which ruled that: "The Ndebele Sovereignty had been broken up and replaced by a new, better system as defined by the Matabeland Order- in-Council of 1894". It is the Crown's responsibility to ensure the Sovereign integrity of the Kingdom of Matabeleland is restored and the status of Matabeleland reverts to its pre-conquest status of before 4th November 1893. In the above verdict there is a clear recognition of Ndebele sovereignty and an admission to breaking it up. As signatories to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, there is no justifiable reason why Her Majesty's government cannot commit itself to justice. It is Britain's moral responsibility to stand as a witness to all this and to inform the world about our restoration and to foot the bill of all this restoration work.

I challenge Her Majesty and Her government for a meeting in order for us to put this old painful matter to rest. We are not looking for a "master" but friends.
Our governance issues
The Kingdom of Matabeleland is very much ready to run its own affairs. The Kingdom now has a King, HRM King Mzilikazi II and has an Interim Council already in place. In good time this council will be beefed up in order to allow for greater representation of ideas, experience and interests. We also have a viable and dependable traditional leadership structure that is led by our Traditional Chiefs. The chiefs are currently compromised by the "system", but they are the "King's men". At the right time we will come together as a people and put together an instrument that will guide us to choose the Kingdom's government preferably led by a Prime Minister. The role of both central and local government will be to regulate and run the affairs of the Kingdom and manage its resources. Fortunately there is more than enough education and experience in our Inter cultural society to help us as a Kingdom to take off on a stable start. We do not need "masters" but we surely need good and informed friends and partners.
To the World
In 1918, this battle was about Anti-Slavery and the Protection of Aborigines. It has not changed one bit. We could not win the Legal Battle then because of trickery. That automatically means we are still slaves and still not protected. Our cause is still as just as it was then. We need you now as we did then, if not more, because of the deliberate complication of this case over time. It is still a legal battle. We also need friends now for the future.

To the Republic of South Africa
We were together at the onset of our battle for the restoration of our Kingdom in 1918. The ANC, standing for all the progressive forces of South Africa then sent a lawyer, Alfred Mangena to represent us in the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. We were together in the gorges of the Zambezi Valley during the Liberation struggle. You have received our citizens as they came in millions to your country at our time of severe distress, a sign that it is not yet
over. WE know this is not kind to your country's budget, jobs security and many other things – THANK YOU very much for taking the risk. This means that we can still bank on you.

To the Citizens of the Kingdom of Mthwakazi
As for us the people of the Kingdom of Mthwakazi, we owe it to ourselves to make sure that we are free. We are not here to complain to anyone about our freedom, the responsibility lies with us. Every good and necessary thing must be done to make sure that we are free. We do not just owe it to ourselves but also to generations to come. We have no right to complain because we have no "big brother" out there. In this world we are all equals. Our major weapon will be unity and respect to known true leadership and their protocols under our auspices of Ubuntu. We will need to love one another whether we know or agree with each other or not.

When dealing with Colonisers we should always be on the lookout for puppets and sellouts of all sorts. These are recruited to be Colonial trustees. Colonialists are experts in "divide and rule" strategies, including tribalism. They can smell money greed from miles away.

Time demands that we all be seen to be playing our part positively and actively in love. No more bystanders or any negativity.As your servant king, I am there with you all the way as God gives me life and grace. I am aware of the dangers that go with this kind of calling, particularly when one has to deal with the regimes in question with their kind of record. As a British slave I have neither the right nor the capacity to protect myself, my family or my people. We are all at the mercy of the Her Majesty and her Trustee. They are answerable.
We have only one option and that is to Go Forward. As for me I cannot look back, I know I have His Grace. So help me Oh God.
I thank you.

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