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Zimbabwe Generals:- From poverty to power

18 Jun 2012 at 07:10hrs | Views
From poverty to power- so came most of our current leadership and it is explicable that they should fear poverty

We have a problem, ladies and gentlemen in that some amongst us have categorically endorsed our next president. The police, the army have put their stake in the ground and ours, like sheep to the slaughter, is to blindly accept and follow. That is democracy- Zimbabwe style.

I think that our curse in Africa has been, and to some extent continues to be, the lie that those that liberated us from colonial oppression are through an act of God, favorably endowed with superior abilities required to lead us, forever. The lie that our liberators are entitled to political power is unfortunately fashionable not only in Zimbabwe but in Africa at large.

In my opinion, the creation of a new  democratic social system in Zimbabwe is unlikely as long as we continue to limit the gene pool of those that will lead us. Zimbabwe needs a continuous renewal of leadership if it is to progress. For me, the periodic renewal of political leadership is the cornerstone of democracy and that cannot be denied.

From poverty to power- so came most of our current leadership and it is explicable that they should fear poverty. The sad fact is that those who do not want change actually believe that their views are valid and justified. I differ but I somehow appreciate their fears. I would however advise them that their options are pretty limited. A scorched earth scenario will not only destroy our beautiful country but will also destroy the very assets that they seek to protect.

Yes, democracy can be postponed or delayed but can never be forsaken and in our case here in Zimbabwe, I am convinced that no matter what, there are reasonable men amongst us who know what must be done and that with the passing of time good always prevails.

It is encouraging to note that the SADC has raised its concerns around this matter but as ordinary Zimbabweans, we must gather our wits and confront this old thinking.We need to be prayerful and must not be shaken in our efforts to create a new social order where all Zimbabweans can pursue their personal ambitions without limit.

I have given myself a task that at all times, when I can, to promote Zimbabwe because there is just too much negativity out there. Most of those outside want Zimbabwe to fail to confirm their prophecies of doom. The continued utterances by the police and army are certainly not helping the situation but it is important that we remain positive and focused on creating better social conditions for our people who have unnecessarily suffered for far too long.

Zimbabwe has such huge potential and in my opinion can even surpass South Africa in the future and our generation has the responsibility to accelerate that. We cannot achieve that as long as we continue to ignore the poverty around us and be obsessed with the accumulation of personal wealth at all costs, a cancer that has overtaken our society. What then is the difference between the latter and those who seek to maintain the status quo at all costs?

In my opinion, change is going to be difficult but we must endure the pain because it is worth it.

Vince Musewe is an independent economist and proudly Zimbabwean currently in Harare and you may contact him on

Source - Vince Musewe
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