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'Operation Restore Legacy has collapsed'

09 Jul 2019 at 12:28hrs | Views
The time is now for New Freedom Fighters and war veterans .The Job Wiwa Sikhala MDC Bikita rally declaration to "overthrow " the ED government before 2023'has generated a lot political.and legal talk. Legally the intended treason charges are a joke.Dogs breakfast.\

Zanoids have jumped into the fray crying treason ,treason.A typical smith regime tactic to silence dissent and criticism.

Some lumen opposition elements including MDC cadres have bought the zanu narrative hook line and sinker culminating in embarrassing ,un necessary and plainly foolish apologies.

I stand with Job Wiwa Sikhala.A fire brand politician who from student days has fought for democracy and a free and fair Zimbabwe.

That the economic meltdown and poverty has reached yet another level in Zimbabwe is an understatement.That there is a need to solve the issues with the Opposition taking a central role is common cause that we can't wait for 2023 is self evident.

It is man like Job Wiwa Sikhala whose political profile, energy, zeal and determination is needed to energise the masses and face the junta.

The same zealots crying treason and subversion of a lawfully "constituted "government feed us day in day out with embellished narratives about how they overthrew the smith regime using  guns. Recently they sent Robert Mugabe packing by force.
Freedom is never voluntarily given to the oppressed by the is demanded. Such is the Zimbabwean situation.

The threats of Shamu ine Munyu can't and must not work. All political charlatans buying the treason charges against Job Wiwa Sikhala are ill-advised cowards and political mamparas. There is nothing wrong about overthrowing a government or regime change through lawful means.Job Wiwa Sikhalas never said the MDC or he will use unlawful means. Even Morgan Tsvangirai once said Mugabe will be removed violently if he does not go peacefully he was acquitted.

The Luke Tamborinyoka hurried statement throwing Job Wiwa Sikhala under the bus shows immaturity and a bad demon of copulating to an evil regime that loves such ego massagers and apologists. The people are yearning for change and they want man and women who are ready to lead.2023 is far far far away.

Dreaming of walking to statehouse without hassles and confronting the regime is a joke. Expecting not to be arrested for demanding change and democracy is a fallacy. Expecting the junta and cabal to handover power without a fight is fiction.

Zimbabwe is in need of new freedom fighters and war veterans. Those who fought lan Smith thank you. Well done. God bless you. We have a new struggle for a new Zimbabwe -for freedom and emancipation from a regime that causes daily trauma. No water. No food. No electricity. No love. No Education. No happiness. No peace.

This is a wake-up call to all opposition parties especially the MDC which has parliamentary representation to spring to action. Even within Zanu, there are sane people who must do the right thing. Operation restore legacy has failed. the struggle has gone wrong.

It is indeed time to wage a new war-throw the regime out before 2023 and its time for new war veterans and freedom fighters.

Source - Sindiso Mazibisa
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