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How to remove ZANU-PF: Overthrowing or Fair Elections?

09 Jul 2019 at 19:43hrs | Views
This piece seeks to demonstrate that ZANU-PF has been provoking citizens to revolt since 1980s. President ED Mnangagwa should change his party's dictatorship system of governance and electoral fraud. It is now clear that election system is failing to work in Zimbabwe because of stage managed rigging by ZANU-PF government/party.  The failure of election is most likely to force young people to opt for Chimurenga struggle and violence just like what happened during the time of Smith. Smith did not allow ‘one wo(man) one vote'. The blacks were not allowed to vote, that forced Zimbabweans to go for the Chimurenga liberation struggle. ZANU-PF developed the same habit (of rigging the elections every election season) soon after independence. Quite a number of Zimbabweans see no hope in the Zimbabwe's election processes and another Chimurenga liberation struggle may be ignited. President ED Mnagagwa should be very careful and take heed of Sikhala's words.

Job Sikhala is a God-Given messenger to ZANU-PF. The party is making a mistake of trying to kill a messenger. Job Sikhala is just warning ZANU-PF that the Chimurenga liberation struggle was ignited by the rigged elections under Smith and that Zimbabweans today are now sick and tired of an election system that is not working. Therefore, another Chimurenga may not be ruled out. Arresting Job Sikhala is not different from arresting the entire young generation in Zimbabwe.

The history tells us that ZANU-PF is a party that does not respect the constitution apart from being violent. They have been rigging elections since 1980s. Even a dog knows that the late Tsvangirai wan the 2008 election against RG Mugabe but ZANU-PF refused to hand-over power. Judge Chigumba knows that Nelson Chamisa wan the election of 2018 but ZANU-PF refused to hand-over power. Which constitution is Khaya Moyo talking about when his party is not following the constitution? It was Simon Khaya Moyo and RG Mugabe who terminated ED Mnangagwa when he was the Vice President of Zimbabwe. Soon after the coup, the same misguided and confused Khaya Moyo changed his narrative (this time blessing ED and the coup). Which constitution is Khaya Moyo talking about?

President ED Mnangagwa is not the right person to talk about the constitutional means of getting power when he entered into power through the roof. The same sword that he used may turn against him. Attacking Job Sikhala (a messenger) is a grave mistake. Sikhala is warning ED that G40 is going to finish him. Mandi Chimene, Kasukuwere, Jonso, Muzembi and other G40 members are out of the country (strategizing for the next move). President Mnagagwa has a long way to go because he doesn't know what is happening beyond the borders.

I became angry when ZANU-PF is claiming to be a non-violent party while labeling MDC a violent movement. Who killed 20,000 Ndebele people? Who killed 300 MDC supporter prior to 2008 election that was won by the late Tsvangirai? Who burned houses of opposition supporters across Zimbabwe? Who killed the innocent protestors on August 1&2 of 2018? Who killed innocent protestors in early 2019? Who killed General Mujuru? Who killed Munetsi? Where is Itai Dzamara? Where is Rashiwe Guzha? Etc. What does it mean when they say MDC is more violent than ZANU-PF? We know the violent party.

To RUKA TAMBORINYOKA; his warning to Job Sikhala should be condemned by all means. I don't think that it was a message from MDC but could have been his personal opinion. How can Job Sikhala overthrow ED if he doesn't have even a catapult? The people who are dangerous to ED's government are those (including G40) living out of the country. The Chimurenga liberation struggle was fought and organized from (outside the country) Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique etc.  How can someone blame Job Sikhala yet he knows a party that is violent, a movement that is surviving by rigging elections and a ‘coupist' party. RUKA should apologize. When Matemadanda threatened violence against opposition supporters, there was no comment from Simon Khaya Moyo. RUKA should learn that MDC is dealing with a devil and one needs to be a devil to fight a devil squarely.

Don Chigumba can be found on twitter @Donchigumba

Source - Don Chigumba
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