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Crucifying 'Wiwa' for a mere political rhetoric: A countenance of the Devil

10 Jul 2019 at 17:41hrs | Views
While we mutually admonish instigators of anarchy, despondency, divisiveness and secessionism we loudly criticize an all-out war on the deputy chairperson of MDC-Alliance over an address at a political rally to drum up support for their candidate in a by-election in Bikita. Job Sikhala was quoted saying their party shall wage war for ending the 39-years old Zanu-PF tyrannical rule. That statement did not go down well with Zanu-PF because it was construed as premised on rebellion, military coup and usurpation of power from a legitimate government, an offense that is treasonous in terms of the law.

However, Sikhala' s sentiments were caught off guard for one reason; that of using it as an excuse to decimating the opposition movement for ever so that the one-party state mantra might stand tall in the country. Zanu-PF as a party knows very well that the opposition party has no capacity of dislodging it from power through military means but the only threat it has is through democratisation and constitutionalism for it is the major mass party so far, with millions of followers in the country and beyond. Zanu-PF is very conscious of the fact that the unabated deplorable economy fabrics deemed by many as human inflicted, by a clique of ruling minions to whom this economic ambivalence is emblazoned, is ensuing insurmountable popularity on the opposition which it seeks to tear into pieces in order to ring-fence its insatiable deity at Zimbabwe house called "chinhu chedu".

Sikhala's mere rhetoric at a political rally is no threat to anyone even to Zanu-PF but the opposition enemy is lobbying for an invidious kangaroo persecution of the entire opposition leadership for the purposes of reprimanding dissents in this volatile economic environment in which the governing party smells filthy and flout. The leopard keeps its spots, "treason "... Ari Ben Menashe - Tsvangirai saga rekindled the nature of the Beast that fights with the opposition for decades hence its relentless attack on the law abiding law-maker is not by default but a scathing ploy, left by veteran despotic leader Robert Gabriel Mugabe the mentor to incumbent, in the offing.

It goes without mentioning that Job Sikhala can be crucified for debunking the conspiracy, nefarious and subterfuge ploy of Zanoids that has been there for so long. No matter how privy the allegations are, Zanu-PF dislikes the main opposition outfit because it was portrayed as a big threat on her realms ever since independent Zimbabwe.

On the other end the Sikhala bombshell can be taken as an upstage that will provide relief politically on the ruling party particularly in the wave of a biting economy mirred by daily threats of riots, demonstrations and strikes. We can't rule out that the mere statement by Sikhala might generate internet blackouts, arbitrary arrests, rapes, abductions and killings of those leaders that graced the Bikita rally drumming up support for the opposition candidate. Let's not forget that the party strives on violence when caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, violence remains their rather nauseating plan of defeating opponents - 2008 operation is still alive. On this one, Sikhala made life unbearable for the residents of Bikita because the Beast is wholly upset over a looming defeat cooked by his affluence and Machiavelli style during the address. Zanu-PF through its dreadful CIO is fully aware of the current mojo amongst voters of Bikita and the embarrassment that awaits them as the election day sojourns, therefore the plan underway is kudira jecha (spoil the party) before its too late. Sikhala is crucified for that matter.


As the dire economic situation proves uncontrollable, the nation's only renewed hope is inclusive dialogue conveyed by a neutral mediator preferably an outsider. Arrests, abductions or killings won't debilitate the problem because it is a political one that requires a political solution. Acquiring heavy artillery or hiring American agents is simply a wastage of both time and resources without any positive result. Genuine dialogue is the only way out.

Apparently the president must take wise counsel from His Majesty the president of the republic of Rwanda Paul Kagame who encouraged internal dialogue first to restore public confidence before charming outside rescues. Why taking advantage of Nelson Chamisa's stretched hand? The young man wants inclusive, unconditional and undiluted dialogue with those he perceived as electoral thugs. He bears no grudges to it with anyone, despite the fact that hundreds of his men and women are enclaved in the notorious prisons for political reasons. Chamisa loves the nation the same way Morgan Tsvangirai did, why Zanu-PF failing to emulate good things for our benefit. President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya is also to emulate, he sees brotherhood in Raila Odinga not a traitor, sellout or/and treachery like what the likes of Victor Matemadanda perceives on Chamisa.

If it means genuine dialogue between president ED and Nelson Chamisa as the solution to our problems why is that the president is shoving that offer whilst his people suffer. Industries are down, no water in our homes, no medicine and expertise in health centres, no road networks, the education sector is down, workforce moral is down, production is down, everything is down. How then shall the president leads a country without anything? If he leads a productive and unified Zimbabwe, shall he not been happy? Power retention without solutions to the bedeviling problems is diabolic and unAfrican.

For President ED to earn respect not only in Zimbabwe but the world over he must take the bull with its horns, join the youngman in nation building for the sake of the suffering majorities. He must abandon useless austerities and global charm offensives and concentrate on an inclusive dialogue with the youthful opposition leader Nelson Chamisa proffering solutions on the current economic quagmire affecting their nation. Doing so will earn everyone of them respect.

I think the incumbent must draw lessons from Mugabe whose leadership ended on a huge embarrassing note that sent him in a pariah state. The old adage says "make hay while the sun shines," here is the sun. We need critical and amicable decisions that get Zimbabwe working again. Reintroduction of the waning zimdollar is a reintroduction of power cuts, fuel shortages and more woes on the people of Zimbabwe whose turbulent road to emancipation is far from over simply because we have an uncaring, clueless, demonic over-aged leadership that lost touch with the levers & keys of good governance long back. With that in mind of many, President ED must shock the nation by announcing dialogue that encompasses Nelson Chamisa, which the masses like, and preach peace message together the same way Uhuru-Raila have been doing for Kenyans.

Only a few benefiting out of the ongoing crackdown on CSOs and the opposition, the rest continues to endure tremendous hardships in the midst of an almost ruinous economy. Whether "wiwa" gets killed or incarcerated today, it does not means the end of our economic predicament, in fact, the voices of dissents and reason will scale up day by day. Robert Mugabe regime was allegedly accused of taking away the life of Itai Dzamara as a way of instilling fear, annoyance and disintegration in those opposing his ruthless regime but how many Dzamaras do the country have now after that brutal abduction. The 17 November 2017 march is a typical example the incumbent must tolerate because history repeats itself. Today he is the king of Zimbabwe but who knows what tomorrow holds, only God, so a good leader knows how to guard against doomsayers and parasites earning opulence out of this predicament. They abuse the lucre of wealth for power retention from the general feeling that all will backfire if the master is deposed from power but however we have the likes of Didymus Mutasa, Joice Mujuru, Themba Mliswa, etc who are no longer Zanu-PF but still enjoying their lofty wealth outside the ruling party. This means there is life after Zanu-PF - an obsession that life ends at the ruling party is heavily misguided, weird and more of intransigence that pose danger to the futuristic state of Zimbabwe because the nation is much bigger than a political party, either ruling or opposition.

In Zimbabwe we pray that peace loving leaders emerge even outside Zanu-PF and MDC for our future is in the hands of the youth. Zimbabwe belongs to everyone despite color, crede, gender disparity, political, economic or social differences. Once born Zimbabwean shall remain Zimbabwean.

We can't repudiate the view that ED is the current president of Zimbabwe whether his ascendancy came from skulduggery or dubious means, he remains the President. By so doing the people are crying for an inclusive dialogue that aims to rebuild the country not removing him from the presidency. Kenyatta is the executive President of Kenya to this day although his throne was subjected to  illegitimacy and so forth, he knew that legitimacy and power is no enough for Kenya's growth and development. He valued unity, oneness and harmony as the key pillars of economic growth and development and no wonder why Kenya is the giant economy of East Africa. What are our politicians doing for Zimbabwe? What does the future holds for us and our children under the current crop of our leaders? I will put off my pen by mentioning that crucifying Job Sikhala unmasks the countenance of the Devil and the national crisis will persist until such a time those in power realize the importance of dialogue with those opposing their victory.

Source - Benny Gudo
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