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Schools, Households and Businesses are the game changers in curbing electricity crisis in Zimbabwe

12 Jul 2019 at 20:02hrs | Views
Greetings Editor,

Of recent I got an interest especially from Zimbabwean  school and I realized that especially schools can be game changers that is in solving power crisis not only in Zim but South Africa as well.
Below is the information I shared with them that is in connection with the grid types that are available.  

- Off Grid system: This is a stand alone system and the school can either use it as a back up system or for continuous use. For a school block, a Solar Power System, 4KVA  is ideal with 4 to 12 x 250 watts solar panels, 2 to 8 x 200 Ah batteries (57 KG each). The roof solar rack, battery rack are also included. If there was no power crisis in Zim, a tie grid solar system is also a good choice as the school can generate on own power say 60 to 80% and get 20% from ZESA. The system also allows surplus energy to be returned to the ZESA grid thereby generating some cash for the school.

 - Solar refrigerators, fridges and cold rooms are the future and now available. Obviously with the ongoing power crisis, a generator is not ideal for the situation (just for a backup). A 300 litre fridge will need about a 100 watts solar panel, an inverter as well as an 80 Ah battery. Solar air conditioning system, solar ceiling fans are also an option especially in hot areas.

 - Backup bulbs/fluorescent tubes (LED) are also ideal as they switch on for at least 4 to 6 hours in case of load shedding. They are just normal lights and will switch to battery power (built in) as long as the switch is on. In critical areas, bulb cameras are also a good idea security wise.

 - Solar submersible pumps: Harvesting water is also a good thing in addition to boreholes. To save water there is also a i in all toilet chamber system (chamber has a basin top and while washing hands, the water will flow into the tank).   
 - Students Solar Kit: As attached on the picture, it is an all in one (inverter, 7.5 Ah battery , 10 watts solar panel [5 watts also], 2 bulbs with 5 meter codes). Charges phones and provides light for 12 hours before being recharged (by solar [dc} or ac). Has FM, USB and card slots. The product can be customized (school logos etc.). The school can buy to keep or to resell to students (from $8 to about $37). .

The above are sold under Justice's Favorite Things. We do negotiate very competitive prices and we never promise what we cannot deliver. We also sell livestock Solar GPS Trackers and other early warning security system under Find Me Security Technology (Google, 'Keep track of your cattle 24/7).



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