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Chase this Kambarami and his his side kicks back to their roots - MLF

by MLF
12 Jul 2019 at 19:03hrs | Views
MLF has always maintained that partaking in Zimbabwe elections when we are Mthwakazi is the worst thing we can engage in as Mthwakazi. Before a single year has lapsed, he has shown the true Agenda the Zimbabweans are as far as Mthwakazi development is concerned. The mess he is displaying is part of the Grand plan where they want to destroy Bulawayo. We have learnt it that what Kambarami did was a directive from the Mnangagwa government so as to weaken the mayoral of Bulawayo and thus giving their Zesa board an added advantage to demolish the Bulawayo electricity power station.

News reaching us also has it that the burning down of the major health facilities of IMpilo hospital (November 2018) and of St Luke's hospital were properly planned attacks on Mthwakazi. Realising that the direct killing of Mthwakazi people may land him in the Haque, the genocider (Mnangagwa) has perfected his plan and he intends to see millions of Mthwakazi people lying in mortuaries, with causes of deaths said to be natural and thus giving him a breather, yet his mission will be accomplished. More, such attacks on Mthwakazi facilities are still to be reported across Mthwakazi, according to our reliable source, inside Zanu. Remember Mnangagwa is a genius in destroying using fire as he in person, ran around Zimbabwe soon after independence buying all Mthwakazi history literature which he destroyed by fire. Months later, the fifth brigade, under his command, marched across Mthwakazi land destroying Mthwakazi livelihood with fire.

The time has come to chase these Zimbabweans away before they cause the damage that may take us centuries to mend. In 1975, Samora Machel gave the Portuguese 24hrs to leave Mozambique. In reaction to that, the Portuguese poured cement and concrete in all machinery that the country used for production. It is 44years today after that fateful day and Mozambicans are still struggling to bring their economy back to life despite the wealth they possess. While we call upon all Mthwakazi people to unite and donate towards rebuilding St Luke's hospital, we also warn them to guard against the Shona destruction strategies that are meant to cripple Mthwakazi before they pack theirs and leave. They (Zimbabweans) have realised that there is no turning back, the Mthwakazi independence is getting closer each day, so they are out to destroy all that Mthwakazi identifies self with and all that keeps her alive.

As MLF, we say, "do not wait for Jesus to come to do the right thing. We do not have to wait for anybody to correct this scourge that is bent on destroying us for good." Vuka uzilwele Mthwakazi. As for Kambarami, we know where he stays in Mahatshula.

Vuka Mthwakazi Vuka!!!!

Source - MLF
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