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Jessie Majome: 'Salute' A Zimbabwean woman breaking the glass-ceiling!

15 Jul 2019 at 15:37hrs | Views
Quote: Because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed. If I fail, no one will, "She doesn't have what it takes." They will, "Women don't have what it takes." (Taken from Clare Boothe Luce)

If a door shuts before you, remember another one will open before you realize it. The second opening of the door will have greater rewards than the first one. It's God or the Universe that does its own ways. Advocate Jessie Majome, we women of Zimbabwe wish to congratulate you on this great success. This elevation was not trust upon, you were not born with it you but you achieved it. This is what makes people like you very special. That humiliation you had to go through in your founding party MDC-Alliance, God is now washing those tears, pain and humiliation you had to endure just less than 10 months ago.

It's not even long ago when we were informed by the media that Jessie Majome will not stand on a MDC-Alliance party ticket; "she is too old. (Is 46 years too old?) She must go to the reserves and herd donkeys" the MDC presidium and all of them said. We women must realize all the time how men use us to maul one another to downright nastiness if one of us was found a threat to the powers that be. Advocate Jessie Majome outsmarts Chamisa in legal issues, leadership qualities and professionally. She displays empathy throughout her public service: this is not the case with Chamisa. Chamisa ruffles anyone who could be a threat to his throne. We know it all how Dr. Thokozani was confronted by near death at Tsvangirai's funeral.

WE have nothing against our daughter Mamombe MP at all. In retrospect it is indeed us still concerned about how she was used without her knowing that there is beef to be settled using her to square it up for them men. Thank you it happened the way it did, Jessie has a ZACC post that is non-partisan, it is for this reason it befits her most to be a commissioner than an MP. She will never again have to stoop so low quarrelling with nhunzvatuzva dzeku MDC-Alliance any more.

How many girls and young women will look up at you Jessie, emulate Jessie: Jessie will also be one of those women who will uplift this great nation to dizzy heights. We have a luminary Ms. Chiri who is doing a remarkable job for the nation. You have suddenly become a role model for many women nationally. That post in ZACC you got is wholly befitting taking into consideration your professionalism, courage, transparency, and honesty: those noble traits you have shown ever since you entered the political stage. Most politicians are guilty of theft of public funds. Most of them members of parliament, ministers and public managers in government institutions have looted millions from the state coffers.
I remember reading an article by Advocate Jessie Majome accounting for all the funding for the projects in her former Harare West Constituency and the rest of the money she returned it to the relevant authorities. Who among all politicians can do that transparency to the extent of returning funding that was not utilized?  

Dear friend, colleague, mother, sister and daughter Jessie Majome: These quotes below come from unknown persons however very befitting in your situation right now: What are you one, Jessie? When you encounter an authentic person, you're meeting someone who learnt to live through their own soul. They haven't chosen a scripted life where societal pressures tell them what to do. They are the definition of liberated people, and there's a good reason they are drawn to you. It's not easy to become authentic. You often have to re-evaluate your entire life and come up with a new way of existing. Old jobs may not fit, old friends may feel out of place, but don't worry – you're growing into an authentic person: (from unknown author)

What do truly an authentic person do differently?
They don't fear taking a path in life that not many may travel, in retrospect they find it comfortable and exhilarating. They do not need permission to be themselves; they don't want to be anyone else! They don't bend on societal pressure unless she thinks society is right: (From unknown author) Hence Jessie was one of the founding MDC party in 1999.

Jessie Majome knows negative comments and criticism and does not take them negatively. It's not that she does not mean she does not care about them but she thought above all those critics: constructive criticism was welcome, but Jessie knows the critics that are constructive and those that tear her down. Jessie values friends and partners whom she will engage with deep conversations and never shallow: she sees soul in persons. We see Jessie as one of the strongest women in our lives. We see her as our role models. Jessie's life was that of an overdue and expired caterpillar: her wings have come out now for all to see; a full beautiful butterfly.

Amhlophe Jessie wami! Makorokoto Nyakasikana cheku Zimbabwe! You are an inspiration to us all women of this great nation!

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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