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For Auxilia Mnangagwa to kick and scream: tip of the iceberg: she has seen the limit of what it takes to be married to Emmerson

16 Jul 2019 at 14:03hrs | Views
Putting some pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together, we shall indeed not get all of them, it's not possible. We are now told that Mnangagwa got a child with a student from MSU. We read too that Auxilia was tipped by whomever that Mnangagwa was entertaining a girlfriend in their farm in Midlands. She ambushed the lovebirds and caused havoc in the farmhouse, even chased her husband right up to the maize fields. We are also informed that the First Lady is now monitored by the special branch from her husband security details. This is just too much for any woman to cope with all this and the embarrassment that goes with it. There could still be more incidences that we do not know.  

Knowing how secretive the security of Mnangagwa is to the public, how did this piece of information go viral? Who authored it, and who permitted such deep secret information to get loose, information regarding the serious marital affairs of the First Family? FL Auxilia smells the danger of her life and is now shouting the last shout. Auxilia is chocking in this marriage, she has nobody to turn to, and hence she vents her anger to the security details that are monitoring her movements. It appears it has come to her attention, what will happen to her: the relationship with the President is not a close one we are told: they live separate lives. But because Zimbabwean women are dispensable, currently Mnangagwa has out-of-marriage relationships with two women. This makes Auxilia despair: she is kicking and screaming for the last time before something serious happens to her. Please mark this space!

It is curious to realize that it's the men who are quick to silence the First Lady than to say, Eddy is also not clean, he is not loyal to his wife. I suppose this statement about loyalty is not worth it in this discussion about Mnangagwa, we are told he has 41 children and on top of 41 children he now has 42 children. Nobody talks about it in the social media. It is this manhood that is applauded in men if they can afford to have as many children as they can reproduce. How old is that MSU student siring a child with a 76 years old man, a grandfather of many grand children. Mnangagwa has grandchildren who look up at him as granddad. On the other hand Mnangagwa has not stopped reproduction with several women some of which are as old as his own daughters.

Why is the society not condemning these traits in a whole president of the second republic of Zimbabwe? Is this not an embarrassment to the world? Instead we are now told Auxilia was and still is a well trained notorious spy who spied on Mnangagwa sometime in 1992. Why were we not facilitated with such knowledge long back, why suddenly, now? While Auxillia is evidently suffocating in her marriage, she is immediately told in no uncertain terms to shut up by the MEN at large. They will have none of it that resembles Grace Mugabe. But we have a President who is worse than Mugabe in power today. Mugabe told the world that he has never killed anyone but we all know that Mugabe sent emissaries to kill on his behalf. I am slightly moving away from my topic: My real concern is about Auxilia who is now monitored by the military: she fears for her life and what is to come next  even Mnangagwa is not spared in this unfolding government and military frosty relationship. It is the way Mnangagwa is exposing her wife using his special branch that is seriously disturbing. In all adversities, women are the disposables.

All these revelations about Auxilia and her CIO connections, there is some dirty underhand controlling this to deem Auxilia unstable and it could be the hand of her own husband. In the history of Zanu PF there is nowhere were such secrets could be for the public consumption without any reason: these are sinister reasons to make her position vulnerable so that when something happens to her, there is no public sympathy for her. We are deeply concerned that something may happen to the First Lady, she may be harmed.

To condone the insults from the First Lady referencing the army official's looks and genitalia is irresponsible. In as much as I condemned the Town Clark of the City of Queens and Kings: Mr. Dube for his insulting utterances towards Deputy Mayor Kambarani, I wish to condemn this in the same measure: it did not matter how provoked she may have been, to use genitalia as the tools to inflict pain is abhorable. At this day and age we cannot be using our mother genitalia to show disgust and it is to be seen as measured response? What are we teaching our growing children, insults, mother-genitalia insults?

Women of Zimbabwe our fellow sister Auxilia is in trouble. Let's put whatever differences we may have as women aside and assist wherever we can. We cannot afford to look on and we give a wait and see approach now. This is domestic violence at our doorstep. Senator Tambudzani is equally chocking in her marriage with her deranged former husband Mohadi. Please let's show some solidarity with our womenfolk who are in distress. Let's monitor together this unfolding story about the First Lady; it could be that she is in real danger.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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