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Kambarami: A limping goat with one horn on its forehead!

17 Jul 2019 at 00:31hrs | Views
The uncanny and hellish school boy behaviour by one Tinashe Kambarami of unknown origin, who by the devil's design, strangely found himself being the self-proclaimed godfather of Bulawayo, is exceedingly rude and insensitive. The dopey boy's rudeness is unprecedented in the Bulawayo council, Matabeleland society and in the MDC. He is more than a strange goat with one horn on its forehead! Kambarami is a horrifying monstrous character(umbulumakhasana) , who in IsiNdebele legend, would never successfully jump over a milk container during an identity test without his tail taking a sip into the delicious amasi and thereby exposing him. His undisciplined tail always sold him out! In tandem with the hypothetical exploits of umbulumakhasana, the horrible  reptile, Kambarami's gargantuan and un-Mthwakazian appetite for power and pomposity is shockingly strange and gruesomely shameless. He is a far cry from the principles of the MDC through whose ticket he got into office, though clandestinely. He is simply a curse that the party and Bulawayo should be exorcised of.

Inhumane behaviour

The wayward Kambarami's inhumane behaviour, evidenced by his abuse, man-handling and nak*d provocation of the older Christopher Dube, the town clerk, is unacceptable. Although Bulawayo and Zimbabwe in general, is largely disaffected by ZANU PF and its schemes like the elevation of its members to be town clerks to weaken the MDC councillors, the behaviour of our councillors and party should be above board. Kambarami is hair-raisingly faltering in that regard and intentionally dragging the name of the party into the murky waters of disrepute. That is not acceptable! Not even an inch of it. In our culture, including that of the MDC, respect is one of the top values that are not negotiable. In that regard, belittling anyone the way Kambarami did, not even a small child, is worse than taboo. To misbehave and think one can get away with it by claiming to be fighting against ZANU PF has sadly reached its sale date. For the self-styled deputy mayor from Mars, to be as inhumane and insensitive as exhibited by the evidently hollow Kambarami is an embarrassment. Not only to himself, but even to the MDC and the generality of the voters who were compelled to vote for him as they voted for the party as an institution. There is nothing as painful as voting a monster into power and discovering it the very next day. One wonders how such clueless, unintelligible and drowsy political candidates find themselves in such prestigious and stately office like the Bulawayo City Council, only to parade their myopia and stupidity to the whole world! It reminds one of the ghastly experience of seeing a barbaric baboon that picks a gold ring or whistle. What does it do? The madly excitement invites even its watery faeces to come out of its large intestines and assist in the smelly dance outside. It is appalling to note that Bulawayo and the generality of the country melancholically yearn for quality leadership with the requisite capacity which the types of Kambarami are overtly innocent of. The politics of hooliganism and stone throwing belongs to the Mugabe era and should come to an end because it is dangerously anti-development and retrogressive.

Social misfit

Legend and folklore are more than correct in arguing that a crab will always move sideways no matter how many esteemed visitors grace its homestead. The macabre lack of respect by the airhead, Kambarami, is horrendous to say the least. It looks like his stinky behaviour is now chronic. It is in his DNA. That spells doom for the MDC and the generality of the country and serves as the exhibit for poor parenting that is now rampant in our society. The boyish Kambarami cannot even respect his party's dictates. The concept of loose cannon explains him better. Former South African president, Jacob Zuma was correct to say that never give the lit matchstick to a mad man. The next minute the whole veld will be in flames! In that regard, Kambarami is as dangerous as a live electric wire without the requisite insulation. Can you imagine what a Member of Parliament he would make as he and his relatives in the Bulawayo MDC executive are allegedly positioning themselves for such office through their heinous tribal slate created in Lucifer's wide-holed toilet! Yeyeni bantu! Mzilikazi wafelani ungakaboni?

Cancerous hunger for power   

Kambarami's cancerous desire for power easily classifies him as a strange female goat who had her other horn broken by a rival female during a fight for mating rights. The substantive mayor is hardly a day on leave and King Kambarami suddenly springs to screw every available goat. What a shame! This culture of Kambarami, together with the rat-brained Chigora and other like-minded minions is totally alien to Bulawayo and should be strongly frowned upon and dismissed with the disdain it deserves.

Stinky tribal slate

The MDC tribal slate currently running the rings in Bulawayo is as stinky as a rotting donkey carcass. The Shona tribal slate has callously usurped all the power there is in the party for selfish gain and for the inflammation of tribalism. Playing such a dirty tribal card in Bulawayo and in the MDC is totally unacceptable and cannot be tolerated by any sober-minded individual or institution. The people of Bulawayo have been taken for a ride for too long and cannot tolerate it anymore. They have been tribally pushed out of employment and all other formal economic activities through the machinations of ZANU PF and the Shona supremacy narrative. Now they are being forcibly pushed out of local political representation by economic excursionists! Where should they go? This satanically designed Shona tribal slate can only be acceptable in Luciferland. Could the MDC do itself a favour by timeously and decisively dealing with tribalism in its Bulawayo structures. Come 2023, the diabolic slate will be contesting for council and parliamentary seats for Bulawayo. Fortunately, we shall teach this club of cousins, girlfriends and kinsmen an indelible lesson in that election if their rudeness goes unabated. The idea of forcing us to vote for the tribal slate in hatred of ZANU PF will not work. A myriad of options exist in Bulawayo. Any wayward approach to 2023 shall hit a snag.  We are not going to be hoodwinked for yet another time. Fore-warned is fore-armed, our elders say.

Thick-walled rudeness

The rudeness by the Bulawayo MDC executive is terribly thick-walled and seems to be carefully designed to rigidly follow such a shape as the brick would do its mould. Meet them on social media, physically or in whatever mode. The rudeness is just appalling. What image of the party does this project? I do not think we should rule out the possibility of infiltration. These guys are not lovers or representatives of the MDC. Never! Imagine the kind of government of Kambarami, Rafamoyo, Mhaka, Chigora, Chiroodza, Zviriri(Tsepiso) and others! The haughty attitude by these squirrel imports from Masvingo is as smelly as a mixture of faeces and beer-derived  urine. And you are served that for supper! Can you feast on such a meal even if it was brewed in your cousin's small intestines?

Mockery to local representation

The MDC is premised on the democratic principles of  local representation and development. It is, however, strange and awkward to note that imported personnel feel justified to become the kings and queens of Bulawayo at the expense of local people. May the MDC top leadership be humbly reminded to taildock this errant Bulawayo executive before it is too late. This behaviour will only help unite Bulawayo against the MDC if not dealt with properly. It is noteworthy that any thickhead attitude will be met by a fitting response, come 2023.

Poor candidate selection is also to blame for the decay in Bulawayo. The current leadership is obviously the sad product of poor and skewed candidate selection by the MDC. If you pick an election candidate from eRenkini rural bus terminus without even a primary election and not even conduct an induction training on public relations, what can you expect? A heap of wet kaka, obviously.  

Friendly advice

Let the dopey Kambarami and his minions be warned against their tribalistic endeavours. Bulawayo is not an arena for such, and shall never be! The nak*dly selfish and opportunistic approach to the politics of Bulawayo is daringly suicidal. It will just not work! Bikita East  and other areas in Masvingo and Mashonaland obviously require manpower which Kambarami and his friends should avail. Misdirecting the energy to Bulawayo is not productive. We did our ground work in Bulawayo and do not need any backup from anywhere in the world. Once more, may the MDC be heartily warned to decisively deal with the Bulawayo issue as a matter of urgency and call the wayward executive to order. If the party chooses to wine and dine with the devil, it must have a long spoon! Simple.

Muntukaziwa writes in her personal capacity as a disaffected Bulawayo resident.

Source - Muntukaziwa
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