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Bulawayo under siege from intruders

18 Jul 2019 at 10:07hrs | Views
Historically, Bulawayo city is known for its rich heritage, tradition, culture, cleanliness  and orderliness in the management of its civic affairs. Just like the Ndebele people, respectability and calmness constitute the hallmark of their characteristics and behaviour.  In other words, all pure Ndebeles exhibit respect and steadfastness in their actions and approach to issues. This  is contrary to what we experienced in the past weeks at the Town house.

The Bulawayo City Council hullabaloo is very instructive and  clearly reveals that there's a bigger conspiracy by people  of foreign extraction to tarnish  Bulawayo's illustrious record of good  corporate governance. The whole act was designed  to equalise Bulawayo City Council to  appear chaotic and corrupt like other cities . It's our considered view that the onslaught witnessed in Bulawayo was calculated and was engineered by people with ulterior motives to capture the city for their selfish ends.

 It's worthwhile to note that the previous City fathers exercised restraint and diligence in managing city affairs. By raising these issues, I am not in anyway condoning any maladministration, corruption and incompetence. However, i am merely  invoking professional norms and standards practiced internationally when dealing with a Chief Executive Officer of any corporate organisation. In this instance,  it will appear as if the Councillors concerned made rushed decisions without applying due diligence on the  institutional laid down rules of procedure. Clearly, their actions had tribalistic intent and  exhibited some elements of unprofessionalism, thuggery and  immaturity. One wonders why the whole group compising of the Deputy Mayor and fellow Shona councillors would elect to serve the Clerk with the letter of suspension themselves ?

 Unfortunately, last week's decision,  actions and behaviour of some  City fathers were  far below being fatherly. This reflects badly on character and values of their  political party MDC which forwarded the names of these uncouth and uncultured councillors to be voted for as councillors. Both the party and  councillors have betrayed the trust bestowed to them by Bulawayo residents. On the other hand,  this is a wake up call for the Bulawayo residents and people of Matabeleland in particular.

Our view is that at all material time, rate payers must be discreet when choosing their public representatives. Bulawayo residents need  to vote for the locals in the spirit of devolution and people with undivided loyalty to the development of Bulawayo regardless  of their political affiliations. Usually, the outsiders have nothing to lose in the event that the Bulawayo City Council becomes dysfunctional because they can easily go back to their respective home cities. Sadly, this is the price of voting for the party instead of choosing credible, respectable, honest  and dignified public representatives.

Going forward, firstly,  we must mobilise our people to register as voters in their large numbers in order to make sure that locals are elected as public representatives. Secondly, Mthwakazi people must be actively involved in political, civic  and  civil activism in order to defend the interests of the region and its people. Thirdly, unity  and political collaboration amongst locally based political parties must be encouraged. Fourthly, Mthwakazi people must intensify the call for the speedy  implementation of Devolution of power so as to allow provinces and communities to take charge of political and developmental affairs.

 Lastly, Bulawayo City Council must be defended by all means legally permissible. In this regard,  the entire Mthwakazi population must rise up to protect their space and heritage. It must be catagorically understood that by so doing, we are not defending a particular political party or personalities but we are fighting to preserve the soul and heart of Matabeleland, which is KwaBulawayo. Political grandstanding must be discouraged as it's counter productive and usually promote divisions across party preferences. Instead, unity of purpose must be embraced by all of those who care about protecting our freedoms and the right to self determination.

Finally, the implicated  councillors in this fiasco and  ignominious act must be disciplined as they have  brought the good  name of Bulawayo City Council into disrepute .  Simultaneously, a transparent, fair and just process in line with the Council rules and regulations must be instituted in order to deal with the said allegations made against the Town Clerk,  Mr C hristopher Dube.


Aluta Continua!

Hon Lovemore Moyo
UMD President

Source - Lovemore Moyo
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