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'Beseech God for wisdom' calls Chamisa - endorsing illegitimate Zanu-PF is not wise, it's stupid

27 Jul 2019 at 17:03hrs | Views
"I am urging all Zimbabweans from all walks of life and various denominations, in and outside the country to embark on a seven day prayer, fasting and intercession for our beloved country, Zimbabwe before undertaking crucial and decisive next steps," called out Nelson Chamisa.

"In particular, during the seven days of prayer, starting from Monday the 29th of July to Sunday the 4th of August, I kindly ask you to take an hour between 1pm and 2pm every day to lift your hands and submit your hearts to the Lord beseeching Him to grant us the power, wisdom, strength and providence to see us through.

"Rallying call, "Zimbabwe shall lift her hands unto the Lord"

Hold on one minute! You are asking us to "beseech the Lord to grant us the power, wisdom, strength and providence to see us through", through what exactly?

What are these "crucial and decisive next steps"?

Because if you are talking of demonstrations to force Mnangagwa to concede to your demands to go into a power sharing arrangement with you in return for MDC granting the tyrant and his junta legitimacy only fools would want to join you. We know what is in it for you and a few of your fellow MDC leaders but also know there will be nothing in it for the long-suffering people of Zimbabwe.

You want a cabinet post for yourself, Tendai Biti and two or three others. You lot are desperate to get back on the gravy train. Whilst you agree Zanu-PF rigged last year's elections and the regime is per se illegitimate. You are offering Mnangagwa legitimacy in return for a share in the spoils of power.

The idea that Zanu-PF can blatantly deny millions of Zimbabweans the vote, reduce millions of the rural voters into nothing more than serfs and frog march them to vote for the party, fail to produce something as basic as a verified voters' roll, etc., etc. and yet still declare itself legitimate is an insult. The suggestion that MDC can usurp the people's exclusive power and authority and declare Zanu-PF legitimate for a share of the spoils of power is an outrage.

Only the people of Zimbabwe, in a free, fair and credible elections, give the winner the mandate to govern and legitimacy.

Worse still the proposed power sharing will not implement any democratic reforms just as the 2008 to 2013 failed to do the same. Chamisa has himself admitted that he and his MDC friends "sat, ate and did nothing for five years of GNU". There is nothing to suggest they will do any better this time round. Nothing!

If Zanu-PF is still in power come 2023, the regime will rig those elections as readily as it rigged last year's elections. Now, is that really what we would want to beseech the Lord God Almighty to make sure happened?  Hell, no!

Chamisa is set on joining Zanu-PF in a power sharing arrangement, this is a stupid idea which he wants passed as beseeched wisdom from the Lord!

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