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Job, Leviathan and Chamisa's two critical options

30 Jul 2019 at 16:48hrs | Views
As the country marks the first-anniversary post last year's 30th of July harmonised election, I take this opportunity to reflect on events to the present day. I will use the biblical book of Job to explain some Godly principals as I know most Zimbabweans are devoted Christians. Most importantly Nelson Chamisa the leader of the main opposition who is a trained pastor has also declared a 7 day period of prayer and fasting before critical decisions. The MDC leader can use some of these insights for his decision making.

The book of Job's main theme was to indicate the sovereignty of the Lord rather than the righteousness of this man for remaining steadfast in challenging times. The book starts with the conversation between the Lord and Satan concerning Job. The main argument brought by Satan was that the Lords servant Job was righteous because he is constantly blessed by him and if he was to lose these blessings he will seize being righteous. This argument resulted in God giving Satan the authority to tempt Job in all forms of trials sparing only his soul.

In summary, Job suddenly loses all his wealth, health, sons and daughters. He then starts lamenting greatly over these losses. His wife's advice was to renounce God by cursing the Lord for him to die from these misfortunes. Job's response to her; "You are talking nonsense! When God sends us something good, we welcome it. How can we complain when he sends us trouble?

Three of his friends Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar also came to visit him with philosophical arguments on how basically he himself was not pure, how he had a lot of talk but could not listen to the argument of ages and lastly on how God's ways were not his ways. Due to his pain and perceived injustice he was unsatisfied by these arguments. Job then posses his own questions to God when he asks for a mediator between himself and God, Lord If a man dies will he live again and lastly Lord speak to me then I can be quite?

God then responded to Job in chapter 38 with sixty-four questions back to back, starting with the creation argument; were you there when I made the world, who decided how large it would be and many other questions.

The last of God's questions to Job are in chapter 41 were he talks about Leviathan a sea monster that can be likened to a crocodile. God talks about this creature and how it cannot be caught with a fish hook, how leviathan is powerful and proud. Then lastly the Lord admits that he is the one who created Leviathan for him to be a king over all those who are proud (those who lean on their own understanding).

The book ends with Job responding to God recognising "I know, Lord that you are all- powerful; that you can do everything you want. When Job had realised the Lords sovereignty that he does whatever he wants with our lives, all that Job had lost was restored to him his wealth, health, sons and daughters.


As we mark this first anniversary, a large part of the Zimbabwean population is yet to recognise the sovereignty of the Lord that allowed our current president to assume the helm of leadership hence are still aggrieved by this reality. As a Christian nation it's not our place to try to comprehend how this was allowed to happen. Our duty is to pray for the leadership that God has allowed in our nations for we are commanded to do so by the Lord.

The Chamisa Options  

After this prayer and fasting period the MDC leader will have to choice between two options. Firstly, whether to rely on his own understanding and interpretations thus listen to advice from people that can be likened to Job's wife and his three friends. The MDC leader will thus have to encourage a state of anarchy thus push his ascension to the helm through demonstrations and strike actions.

The second option is to rely on God's sovereignty thus recognise that Emmerson Mnangagwa is the rightful President to the Republic of Zimbabwe, he will have to engage him in a dialogue to create a state of order, unity and peace in the land. This was the path Job took when he recognised that God almighty and sovereign.

I also recognise the influence with which the MDC leader has towards this nation's future direction more than any person now.

Stay Blessed
Terence Simbi
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Source - Terence Simbi
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