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Matabeleland Collective Press Statement on Staff Rationalisation at Lupane Registry Office

06 Aug 2019 at 23:26hrs | Views
Matabeleland Collective notes with concern that the spirit of Devolution of Power  enshrined in the Zimbabwean Constitution is being flouted by Government as it is redeploying Ndebele speaking Civil Servants out of influential decision making positions at the Registrar Generals office redeploying them into substations where there is little or no decision making. As it stands this exercise will result in a Shona speaking Registrar in an Ndebele speaking provincial office. In Matabeleland there is rampant misspelling of Ndebele names therefore MC believe it will increase social exclusion which is a hangover from Gukurahundi days. The Registrar General Mr Masango`s directive must be in sync with the spirit of Devolution of Power and realise that there is need for respect for dominant culture of Matabeleland.

MC has sight of a Matabeleland North Provincial Registry Staff Rationalisation Memo which clearly shows the redeployment exercise. Lupane Registry was hard hit by corruption in the form of bribes for the scarce Zimbabwe passports in Lupane and it is believed that these staff changes are 'punishment' related to exposing of the corruption. Whilst Government must guard against corruption at all levels there must be defined and respected procedures followed that do not impact on diversity representation negatively.

MC believe there is a genuine concern and demand the following:

•    That the apparent victimisation of Ndebele speaking Civil Servants in that office be urgently stopped.
•    Government thoroughly investigate these redeployments and especially audit if there is proper representation for and respect for the spoken language of Matabeleland.
•    Government must "audit" the staff component of all Ministry offices in Matabeleland for due regard for the need to mirror the diversity of tribal groupings resident there.
•    MC also challenge Government and Society at large to respect the cultural diversity of Zimbabwe and ensure that there is representation of ethnic minorities in all Board rooms - public and private sector, in our Classrooms and in all employment practices of Government.
•    The Registrar General would be well advised to study the Implementation Matrix submitted to Cabinet by the Office of the President and Cabinet.

Item 7. Alignment of Local Governance Legislation

Implementation Modalities Harmonise Laws governing Local Authorities to ensure efficiency and ease in the implementation of devolution.

To Be Implemented by Who Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing /Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.

Item 8. Devolution

Implementation Modalities Devolve Government process by prioritising local businesses in the awarding of tenders and giving locals first preference when filling in positions.

To Be Implemented by Who Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing /Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.

Item 13. Promotion and protection of the right to use of any local languages as reflective of respect for diversity and culture including expansion of education curricula Implementation Modalities The protection of the right to converse in any local language and the right to be taught in mother tongue languages in education curricula and selection of and deployment of teachers by PSC.

To Be Implemented by Who Minstry of Primary and Secondary Education/ Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare/.Public Service Commission/ Ministry of Home affairs and Cultural Heritage/

Item 15. Corruption in Rural District Councils

Implementation Modalities To institute immediate investigations into reports of corruption in Rural District Councils in the Matabeleland Districts that are mentioned in the report attached hereto and elsewhere in the country where this corruption manifests itself.

To Be Implemented by Who Special Anti-Corruption Unit in the Office of the President and Cabinet/Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage/ Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing.

Source - Matabeleland Collective
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