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Mthwakazi's State Of the Nation Address

12 Aug 2019 at 20:43hrs | Views
Good evening Mthwakazi Omuhle ondlela zimhlophe.

I wish to have started by acknowledging the so called Zimbabwe's hereos and defense forces day, but I am too angry to go through such kind of formalities.

We are told by our relatives the true and factual history of this country in edition we read true history books. Not the ZANU PF propaganda perpetuated by the witchcraft accused Chigwedere about the beauty of this nation. Headman Chigwedere the author of the history books that seeks to undermine the Ndebele Nation, ZAPU and ZIPRA's contribution to the liberation of this nation, stands accused by his first born son of being a witch and I am tempted to side with his son though the matter is at high court.

Mthwakazi Omuhle today you are orphans, and you should know that you are on your own, and none will help you. Today and tomorrow Zimbabweans are celebrating their heroes and heroines for a job well done because they have their independence but you don't have your own.

There is absolutely no one who will come from anywhere heaven or earth to liberate us. I therefore call upon all of you to stand up and be counted. "Nothing for us without us". It is irresponsible for any of uMthwakazi people to ignore politics and political processes just because of a fallacious and malicious lie that we are too few to make any meaningful political change.

Anyone who believes that lie must woke up and understand politics. The MDC is leading Bulawayo City Council because of your votes, the councillors and parliamentary votes are determined in your ward and constituency not nationally, and as far as I am concerned there is no single ward or constituency in Mthwakazi that is dominated by Shona people more than locals.

Therefore I put it to you that you are being led for example in Bulawayo by Kambarami brigade by choice. It is high time all of us United in our diversity stand up and be counted and stop being ignorant.

Save Matabeleland, Save your future, Save your children's future, Save your Nation.

It is pointless to point out all the ills that have been bedevilling the nation of Mthwakazi since 1980, we all know that. I want to state categorical clear that imperatively we are not innocent, we are partly to blame for our own misery because of our ignorance.

Never forget that political power is key, never underestimate the power of elections and election processes and results. It's an internationally recognized and acceptable democratic principle. Even our seriousness is gauged by our participation. When you continue allowing the few to vote ZANU PF and MDC at your expense while you stay away you are simple endorsing the status quo. The so called monkeys and baboons will always find their way to parliament if you don't stand up. By the way I read about monkeys and baboons on the Newspaper headlines it's not my creation.

If we are serious about Mthwakazi Development, peace, freedom, getting our own share of the National cake, then we must do something about our situation.

Mthwakazi Republic Party "MRP" presents a good platform for Mthwakazi's renaissance, emancipation proclamation, nothing for us without us (Devolution), and Restoration. MRP remains the single most effective tool for us that can help us restore our dignity, diverse languages and tribes, our resources, development and our culture.

Mthwakazi we need to value ourselves, value our dignity, go out there register to vote, vote and be voted for. We are told that over 3,5 million of Zimbabweans are in diaspora, more than a third of which are Mthwakazi Nationals, the Zimbabwean president was voted by just over two million people. Who told you Mthwakazi that you are few? The day you will leave your comfort zone particularly in South Africa the Kambarami brigade will never dominate us. Do you realize that we are only short of you to gain political power and govern ourselves?

Those of you voting ZANU PF and MDC do you realize how much damage you are causing the Mthwakazi nation. You MRP lazy office holders who are not carrying out your mandate do you realize how much damage you are causing to MRP and Mthwakazi nationhood?

Wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever you do, do it for your Nation, do it for your family, do it for your future and your children's.

Mthwakazi nation is now ripe for business investment of any kind. Indlamuva ibanjwa yizinja lingathi angilitshelanga. They are coming in numbers from Harare and the world over to invest here while you keep your capital and ideas in diaspora where your services particularly in South Africa and the rest of SADC is no longer much appreciated there.

Mthwakazi lacks infrastructure, haven't anyone of you so a need for a fuel station, lodge, food outlet, etc between Beitbridge and Gwanda, can't you see we need proper houses to rent or buy in Bulawayo, don't you think it's you who is suppose to be building students accommodation for Lupane State University? Don't you think you can build a nice beautiful shopping mall in Lupane?

Don't you think Mthwakazi Omuhle your failure to stand up and participate in Mthwakazi Nation building is a betrayal to Mqondisi Moyo and his MRP vision as well as the selflessness of our comrades who are always incarcerated in defense of this political space which you are not taking up as you should?

Vuka Mthwakazi Vuka Mani Ah yeyi ah!!!

Mbonisi Solomon Gumbo is a member of MRP writing in his personal capacity. For further discussion you can Email him on: provided he has data uStrive Masiyiwa uvuku lutho lezinsuku le econet yakhe

Source - Mbonisi Solomon Gumbo
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