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Mnangagwa warned against deploying army

15 Aug 2019 at 17:19hrs | Views
Some sober minds must warn the present Zimbabwean political establishment. Especially the current Potestate, the Junta itself and the Commanders. The history of the world has many lessons to the effect that: Never push a hungry, angry and dispossesed population too far, you will only have yourself to blame when they become suicidal, they brave death, and make nothing of your army and weapons.

Never put a living people in a situation where they have to choose dying slowly of poverty and hunger or dying fast and courageously fighting back, you will only have yourself to blame when they come for you !

Never make a national army commonplace by deploying the soldiery at every small excuse. You will only have yourself to blame when the people join the army and the army joins the people, and they jointly cause your downfall and peril.

If it is a national army, recruited from the national population, do not get used to commanding the soldiery to point their guns at the nation. It is easier for the brave and intelligent soldier to shoot at one commander than a population of their mothers, fathers, sisters and friends. You will only have yourself to blame when your soldiers soldier against you. Do not ask for too much from the soldiery !!

Never try to solve with a gun what can be solved with words, that only leads "to the peril of the Commanders" (Machiavelli).

The best victory of the arms and in the arms is that which comes without a single battle (The Sun Tzu). It is the trigger-happy that become trigger-dead.

" Amabutho ekhaya ngumhlola njengenyosi" ( Soldiers in the homestead are an omen like wild bees that invade a home) (Tshaka Zulu). The masses must not get used to seeing uniformed and armed soldiers in the streets, that demistfys the army and makes people less afraid and less respectful, and that is dangerous for you !

Any deployment of the army against the nation is a misuse and abuse of the army, and never ends well for everyone !!

The soldiery in Zimbabwe and eslewhere may be obedient, but they are intelligent, brave and thoughtful. Do not overstretch your uses and abuses of them. It is few but brave soldiers, sometimes one soldiers, that have brought some of the most feared tyrants and tyrannies down !!

Dont not play with and about the soldiery, ungadlali ngegeja kuziliwe !!!.

Source - Dinizulu Macaphulana
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