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Does MDC demo concern us as uMthwakazi people

16 Aug 2019 at 15:43hrs | Views
I have been asked by a lot of people regarding my views on the planned MDC demonstrations, while others were and are seeking for MRP position which I am not authorized to give,  others are however asking for my personal opinion in this regard.

It is my humble submission that as far as I know there is no official position of the party regarding the demo obviously because the MDC didn't officially invite MRP to it. But as individuals, we support anything that is against the current regime we recognise the fact that the nation can't continue like this.

Of course there are many flaws in the MDC planned demo, for example, the demo was supposed to be a national one from tomorrow not to be separated.

It is everyone's concern that the MDC has failed to properly plan this demo and most of the decisions are being hurried and more often they are an afterthought. It looks like they initially wanted a small publicity stunt as a cover-up for Nelson Chamisa's promise that there would be action after fasting only to realize now that every citizen is in support of this and if properly done it could trigger change hence they are failing to meet our expectations now.

In terms of publicity Zanu-propaganda is leading on social media, they failed to raise above MDC politics and include everyone, there was no reason to separate days it was supposed to be a national demo from tomorrow if something bad happens tomorrow who will participate elsewhere at a different date?

I am personally aware of all the flaws by MDC but as Chief Khayisa has spoken, this is a platform for everyone to come out and exercise their Constitutional rights in demanding a better life for all. The economic crisis has deteriorated to unacceptable levels hence we can't ignore such an important call to remind the ruling party that we can't continue like this.

While I am a member of MRP and proudly so I am not blind to the fact that in politics "There are no permanent friends or enemies".  At this moment in time my interest is a better salary, stable economy, stable and predictable prices, access to water and electricity. Therefore I believe that tomorrow and all other days people must come out in numbers and participate in peaceful protest.

MDC should stop being selfish and ignorant to think that they are the only stakeholders in all this and include everyone in this matter.

We definitely can't continue like this.

Finally, it remains a fact and important to state that MRP the party that I support believes that the only solution to Mthwakazi is self-determination otherwise popularly known as Mthwakazi Restoration. I am convinced though that the leadership of the party is not blind such that they can ignore the day to day struggles of the people as well as the fact that Mthwakazi Restoration is not a one-day event. Hence the realization, and the crafting of a short medium and long term plan.

Whether Zanu-PF or MDC should know that Mthwakazi people support MRP stance in principle that "Nothing for us without us".Furthermore, we are against any form of marginalization, segregation, or elimination of our people by whosoever it is.

While i understand that MDC has made a lot of damage to Matabeleland particularly through the mass importation of Shona people through their party structures to Matabeleland. In the matter of economic crisis which is the basis of tomorrow's protests, they are a better devil.

Mbonisi Solomon Gumbo writing in his personal capacity.

Source - Mbonisi Solomon Gumbo
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