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The judgement on Chief Ndiweni is a provocation of Mthwakazi

by MLF
17 Aug 2019 at 14:47hrs | Views
The judgement against Chief Ndiweni by the unlearned magistrate is unfortunate, political motivated and a clear provocation of Mthwakazi by Zimbabwe and the Shona regime. It is clear that ZANU is taking advantage of the conflict that the Chief had with his subjects in his area of jurisdiction, to settle its political goals against him.

The charges that are leveled against Ndiweni are null and void, considering that the Chief have powers to hand down sentences on offenders in their areas of rule. According to the roles that the traditional leaders are allowed to undertake, they can among others,

a) promote and uphold cultural values of their communities and, in particular, to promote sound family values;

b) take measures to preserve the culture, traditions, history and heritage of their communities, including sacred shrines;

c) facilitate development;

d) in accordance with an Act of Parliament, to administer Communal Land and to protect the environment;

e) resolve disputes amongst people in their communities in accordance with customary law.

Taking item (a), (e), it is unfortunate that the Shona government is using the matter of Chief bannishing his subjects from his village for their wrong doings, to settle its hidden political differences with him.

One will note that this war against Chief Ndiweni is something backdating to year 2015 when he once threatened to close down what he regarded as the apparatus ZANU was using to control and monitor the people of Ntabazinduna ( the ZRP and Prisons services training deposits). In that regard, Enetty Sithole who was the District Administrator of Mguza even confirmed that her government was investigating him. Nothing tangible has been found to nail him for and now they are using the case which through the roles they (government) designed for his office to lay their dirty hands on. Chief Ndiweni's wrongs in Zanu and Zimbabwe are nothing less than him being a Mthwakazian who publicly advocates for the total emancipation of Mthwakazi as well as his refusal to bow for them.

As MLF, we view the sentence handed down by  Gladmore Mushove, a Shona in that matter, to Chief Ndiweni, as unfortunate and a clear provocation of Mthwakazi people and we strongly condemn it. We note it with great concern tricks that Zanu has always used to force us into war so that its genocidal regime will gain access to our defenceless people. We don't want war and we call upon ZANU to stop push us there. We are not afraid of them. That, they must note and bear in mind. we are not interested in We are only not interested in shedding blood. but incidents like these will leave us with no option but to return fire with fire.

We have had enough of ZANU crafted sufferings of our people and we cannot stand it any longer. We know for sure that Chief Khayisa finds himself in prison today so that he is poisoned and be released to die from his home bed. We saw that happen to the likes of Dabengwa and we cannot allow it anymore. We simply do not welcome what ZANU and Zimbabweans are doing to our Chief, Ndiweni. We call upon them to withdraw their botched sentence on our chief as of yesterday.

Source - MLF
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