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Chief Ndiweni's incarçeration an attack on peoples rights

17 Aug 2019 at 21:30hrs | Views
Chief Ndiweni has been incarcerated not only because of the crime he is alleged to have committed but he has long been an undesirable element according to ZANU PF.

The sending away of the chief from the people is a well-calculated ploy by the regime that is allergic to dissent.

The aim is to intimidate, frustrate and create sense of hopelessness among the people of Mthwakazi extraction in particular and the people of Zimbabwe in general.

This regime has always and will continue to target strong leaders among the Ndebele people whom they percieve are a threat to them.

This is not a new tactic as you will remember that this is exactly what they did to our fallen heroes like Lookout Masuku, Dumiso Dabengwa, Joshua Nkomo to name just a few while the list is endless.

The question is has the people and their resolve to free themselves from black on black colonisation been also thrown in jail for 18 months?

The answer is no.

We still have leaders who are capable to organize the people,  restore our confidence, unite us and lead us.

The incarceration of the chief is a challenge to the people to rise up against the regime and demand dignity and equality.

For us to pretend as if nothing has happened is a betrayal of our selves, we will unite and fight the enemy head-on.

Let all forget about individualistic ambitions and put the people first.

This is a direct call for a revolution against ZANU PF and all that it stands for, as the rogue regime, born in 1963 out of tribalism and individualistic egos of a few western agents, has openly declared war on the people by attacking its culture and traditions.

The rogue regime has attacked our constitutional right of freedom to associate and also of speech.

We have absolutely no reason to be obedient to a government that has trampled on our every civic right since attaining power. Neither should the people obey the oppressive and selective laws being used against a desperate nation by a regime whose only reason of existence is amassing and abusing state power.

In demanding fairness and justice to Chief Ndiweni, let us also demand our freedom that was stolen in 1980 when this rogue regime occupied state power corridors by hook and crook. Zimbabwe is not free under ZANU PF and it's every citizen's duty to ensure the people attains that for which blood spilled during the 1970s liberation war.

The incarceration of the chief, heavy-handedness against peaceful protests and arrogance being displayed by the establishment to the loud cries of reform and equality must serve as a signal to the desperate Zimbabweans whose lives and future have been stolen by the regime.

The people must demand, reclaim and repossess all state institutions that have been captured by ZANU PF.

These include but not limited to the judiciary, where our judiciary officers are being intimidated into settling ZANU PF political scores with dissenting voices.

Our magistrates, judges, prosecutors and all other legal officers need the people to rescue them from the jaws of the regime.

The rescue operation involves reclaiming the judiciary and restore its dignity and that of its officers.

*Iphithule Maphosa*
*ZAPU National Spokesperson*

Source - Zapu
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