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Fellow Zimbabweans, could you please help me find my young children who were abducted in UK?

18 Aug 2019 at 10:17hrs | Views
I live in Swansea, and have lived there since 2007. In March 2008, l met a woman who comes from Swaziland and we were blessed with our first girl in January 2009.
In 2012, we were blessed with a baby boy and in 2014 again, another boy.

We lived very well with my partner, whom in UK terms l cannot call wife because we needed to go back home first to get married but she had no travel documents.

Life was pleasurable as my partner hails from a royal and traditional Swazi family. She was  down to earth, slow to react, respectful and content even at the harshest of times. Her mother was a daughter of King Sobhuza and her mother's brother is the current King of Swaziland. You would not wonder at all why she was so cultured and respectful if you had met her mother.

When l first met my partner in 2007, she was a distressed girl who wanted to go back to Swaziland because of racism in Swansea. She had just had a problem with a co-worker who had falsely reported her for abusing a client at her nursing home. When she tried to quit that job citing the fact that the management believed her accuser who was White, she was told to keep on working in order to clear her name.

Before she got that job at a nursing home, she had found work in Tesco, and was accused of stealing her own six pence. She left that job noticing that her Black skin was actually a problem in Swansea. So, when l met her, she begun to have a better appetite for life and that appreciation cemented us together. We became a keeper for each other and a bearer for each other's problems.

Just like any healthy relationship, we each surrendered our self interests and compromised everything for the benefit of the happiness of our children.

I used to work for a Construction Company which actually posted me to Swansea from Bristol, to build one of the tallest residential towers in Swansea. The original plan was that l would go back to Bristol once the job was finished. But, after meeting my partner and having a child, l had to remain in Swansea for the benefit of the growing family.
My partner stopped work a few months before the birth of our first daughter. We did not lack anything as l was working and sustaining my family. Actually, her own pay from the job she was doing was less than half of mine. So, work or no work for her was not an issue.

She enrolled with a college and subsequently a University. In August 2010, she advised me to start University together with her and l agreed.

The actual expectation of life was above board as University is  the ultimately goal for any dreamer like both of us.
Our boy was born in 2012 while we were both in University.

Our last daughter was born after her Graduation and before mine. But, we had another shock which we had not expected. We found out that our son was Autistic.

Although it was not expected, we accepted reality as it unfolded and replaned our life in consideration to emerging realities. In a short time, we discovered that even our last daughter was Autistic too. That was in 2015 and l was doing my Masters after Graduating with a Mechanical and Manufacturing Degree in 2014.
Two Autistic children were a challenge that we both braced ourselves to face. I kept working on Construction sites while doing my MSc in Industrial Design course. I could not work full time as it would affect my studies. At the same time, my partner was tending to our three children, two of whom are Autistic.

Bear in mind that in the UK unlike in Zimbabwe or Swaziland, you can't hire a maid to assist your wife. You can only take over all other jobs in the house like cleaning, cooking and even changing children Nappies. If you can't do that as a man, you burden your wife with so much mental stress such that everything will come to halt.

While l was studying and working and also helping my partner with house-work in 2015, we were sent a bill of £800 Council Tax which we could not afford.
We were dragged to Court with our Autistic children and it didn't look nice. My partner panicked and we were poor and had no one to leave the children with while going to Court.

My partner researched and found out that if l stopped working, the Council would not require Council Tax from us. She pursuaded me to stop work and concentrate on my studies only. After seeing all the problems, l agreed to stop work in 2015.

By the time l Graduated for my Masters in 2016, my boy was growing and becoming a real challenge. I would be called by his school about twice every week, to pick him up just a few hours after dropping him.

In the face of joblessness and Autism challenges, l decided to run my own project at the back of my garden which was doing well. Because the project was an empirical Engineering self-run research, l was not earning any money from it. It will pay good in the near future, but, poverty had taken its toll on my family.

Due to the pressure and unrelenting stress and sleeplessness associated with raising two Autistic children, my partners mental health was deteriorating.
She was beginning to loose coordinating her words while speaking. She also would see red lights in the house where there was none.
I was really getting worried about her mental health, but she was excellent with the children. She would wake up more than five times per night, to change children Nappies.

At times, children couldn't sleep, and she would wake up to calm them down and in some few instances, l would releave her and take over while she slept.

We also had a very unfortunate experience with our racist neighbour attacking us every day using her children. For four months in 2017, we would be attacked and called ugly Black, go back to Pakistan, and we would have feaces, stones, make  up bottles and rotten food bins thrown at us. The Police, Council, and even Firemen came over a period of four months and it did not help. Our car fuel tank was filled with water. When we bought another one, it was pelted with stones, even under camera, and was scratched with a sharp object. It is clear to anyone why this prolonged for four months in Swansea, against a Black family.

The pressure of raising Autistic children, coupled with joblessness and racist attacks, added too much into my Partners mental problems.

 We then moved to a new address. The Council which gave us a help with a string against racists, begun to treat us as criminals. Actually, during the racist attacks, the Council of Swansea installed CCTV at our house, which was officially meant to record, red-handedly, racists throwing objects at us. The next morning after the camera was installed, the racist neighbour stood in her garden and shouted "l can't believe these people anymore, they put a camera? Really?" From that statement, you could easily tell that this lady and her children were being encouraged by the same Council to attack us. We clearly lost any little trust with the Council of Swansea and begun to reduce our belief in them as an impartial Governmental arm which is fair to all citizens. The lady who was our Housing Officer would distribute fliers only to neighbors who were sympathetic to our racist neighbor. And she would not distribute questineer fliers to those neighbors who were sympathetic to us. Remember in Britain, not everybody is racist. Some people will go out of their way to help you if you are being unfairly attacked. Actually, three of our neighbours spent their own money to install CCTV cameras to help us prove to the Police, the actual attacks. We gave the Police, and Council all those footages, but they didn't help because we are Black and living in Swansea. The Council`s CCTV was actually orianted to record my project, which is intellectual property, instead of recording racists. We were attacked in front of that camera several times, and the Council said they did not see anything. The recording unit was installed in my daughter's bedroom and you can imagine who's audio was being recorded by a Council which claimed to be helping us.

At the new Council House, our housing officer visited us and spoke very well and insidiously kind as usual. When she left, she phoned an emergency electrician to come and remove my installed extension cable which made it possible to view television without autistic children getting injured. With autistic children, the parent has to review adaptations everyday. Door handles have to be removed, televisions should be mounted on the walls, and it's not an easy flow.
Poor as we were, the Council charged us for autistic adaptations we had made in our previous house. They simply didn't want to hear whether there was autism or not. You could tell that the Council was actually a partner in the racism we we enduring and they had not finished with us.

In March 2019, our daughter's Doctor referred us to a COUNCIL-NHS agent called "Facing the Challange". This agency is commissioned to teach parents how to raise Autistic Children. It was supposed to run for 8 weeks, every Tuesday.

Unknown to us, we attended the first three weeks without any problems. The only problem which was clear, was that we were visibly poor.

As a woman, my partner became anxious and started to try and dress up as all other label-wearing wealthy parents who attended these meetings. She went on internet and bought a British-Flag handbag to try and match up with other wealthy parents who have autistic children.
She would come home and talk about how they wear and how nearly all of them have no husbands.
Pressure of raising autistic children and the previous racist attacks worsened my Partner's perception of human beings. She   was slowly becoming suspicious of anything. The movement of cars and those cars which parked in front of our house, became a problem to her. She was more suspicious than normal and one day she told me that there were people who used electromagnetic gadgets to control my youngest daughter's behavior near the school gate. I decided to dismiss that suspicion as it would make her a perfect victim of mental terrorism.
She became angry about my dismissal, but, l sustained my dismissal of such to protect her from falling victim to being driven by racists into a Mental Schema.
For the last three years, all our family income was coming from Childcare deposited weekly into my Partner's account. She had asked me to stop work and was using childcare money to buy everything we needed in the house. When she became angry, things would be reduced and she was becoming a control problem forgetting that l gave up work for the betterment of the family. Even with that, she still was fairly reasonable and lovely, except that the mental degradation eminating from raising Autistic children was overwhelming.

On another Tuesday, my partner wore some attire which she knew very well that l would not accept when we are going to a place as parents. I didn't say anything and she kept looking at me for a comment.

Instead of going with her to those "Facing the Challange" meetings, l dropped her there and refused to go with her while she was wearing that.

Little did l know that l had given racists the keys to finish off my happy family. My partner got in there and she was couched how to get rid of me.
I was spoken about at this meeting and it was arranged that l had to be trapped to fit the charges of a violent aggressive control man.

My partner was promised that her income would double if she got me arrested and got rid of me.
She followed everything they couched her and even tried to provoke me to be physically violent to her.
For two weeks she tried these things but all my family are not violent. I never was going to be violent and I just watched her as she was trying.

Finally, she and her team of racist advisors, decided to use a stage-managed scene where Police would be called and l would be arrested at that meeting. It still didn't work as planned because my character cannot be corrupted by any saboteur.
After failing to get me angry and violent, my partner and "Facing the Challange" group phoned the Police and got me arrested for Aggressive Control Behavior.

When the truth dawned at my Partner and she realised that she had been fooled by evil racists to condemn her innocent man, she withdrew the trumped up charges, but it was too late.
It was not too late to release me, but, it was too late for her because she had devulged her own secrets to the Police, while trying to create strong sticking charges against me. I was not there when she was making her statement, but, what she said about herself will put her legal status at risk in the near future. That will affect my children as she is their mother.

The danger l am facing is that once her legal status gets affected because of the statement she gave the Police under the demonic force, my children will be taken by social services.
After my release from Police cells, my partner was told by the Council of Swansea to take house keys from me.

The Council was not aware that my partner had a major legal problem with the statement she had made. She literally asked me to help her solve the legal implication of a careless revelation she had made. But, it was too late, l couldn't solve it.

She ran mad all over internet trying to find a solution to correct the statement she had made trying to get me locked up. But it became too much for her. One Friday, l came to the house from my homeless shelter to find her gone with all the children. She had left a note, advising me to take £170 she had left in the house for me.

I have not heard any word from her. I went to the Police to report them missing, but the Police wouldn't help. I phoned the Council's Family and Child Department, they prophessed no idea about their whereabouts. I went to my Member of Parliament, she became aggressive and unhelpful. Please help me find my children because both me and her, could loose those children for no reason but a lie which was ennourished by the Council of Swansea and its corrupt agencies. They only want to pretend to be on my Partner's side, but, as you know, racists use the divide and rule law. They have removed me from my children over a stage-managed lie, they will remove my Partner from our children over her own careless statement. And they will rule over our children and preach to the World that Black children grow without parents in UK because Blacks can't run families.
It is an objective truth that Britain has little respect for African family values.

 The definition of racism says that anyone who believes that his culture is more superior than the culture of another person is racist. While Britain is a top leader in fighting racism, most of its institutions are racist. Their institutions have an inherent rigidity which actually criminalises the culture of other people which have held families together ever since the big bang.

My partner's maternal grandfather was the custodian of Swazi culture. He had 75 wives and 200 children and this is criminal in Swansea. My partner comes from a respected poligamous family of seven mothers and 52 children and this is criminal in Swansea. I am of not of any opinion that polygamy is a good thing at all, but l am only highlighting the disparity of African culture to the expectations of by Swansea lnstitutions that someone who was born in Africa Wil automatically evolve into an Englishman the moment he lands at Heathrow.

There are certain African family values which should be respected. Refusing to go with my partner to a parents meeting while she wore something that is uncomfortable for me is not violence. The very fact that nobody ever asked me what exactly happened, shows that I was prejudged and punished for being an African cultured man.
The actual results that these institutions want is to remove me from my children on a racist charge which has not been tested in any Court of Law, and later remove my Partner from our children over her impulsive, unthought statement. Once that is done, they will send our children for adoption by White families as a business. Both me and my partner will be sorry afterwards even though she believes these racist institutions are in favour of her for now.

My children will loose family connection just as the children who faced family disintegration in apartheid South Africa and Australia. The family connection of an African is spiritual, while for a Whiteman, family means almost nothing. So, culturally, what Swansea lnstitutions have done to my children is a clear proof that they have no respect for African culture. If they believed that refusing to go to a parents meeting with my Partner is Aggressive Control Behavior, they should have taken her away, and left me with my children. Why should my children end up being commodities of adoption over a stage-managed lie?
Why was l not asked a single question?
Why was the Council of Swansea so keen to see my partner take house keys from me?
Why did the Swansea Council confiscate our refrigerators, new unused wardrobes, washing machines and stoves?
Who in the National Government has ever investigated Swansea Council and its agencies to see if they are not propagating corruption in order to gain profits?

Please help me find my children and send me the details on my WhatsApp 078 6556 8143 and my email address is

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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