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Zimbabweans do not read assertion is nonsensical

25 Aug 2019 at 08:03hrs | Views
Trevor Ncube's assertion that Zimbabweans do not read can only be nonsense given that we have more than 90% literacy rate, Africa's second-highest behind Mauritius!

Zimbabweans know very well that American sanctions were imposed on Zimbabwe for the government's brutalisation of the Zimbabweans for supporting the newly formed MDC opposition party at the turn of the millennium.

The other reason for the imposition of the sanctions was for brutalising commercial farmers during the implementation of a largely chaotic land reform exercise, often bloody without compensation.

The American also noted there were signs that the 2000 elections were rigged and that was when we first saw the command element of the army led by General Vitalis Zvinavashe going on the captured national TV, ZTV in full military uniform threatening that they would not tolerate, let alone accept a head of state who did not actively participate (as a guerilla) in the liberation struggle!

A clear form of election rigging through intimidation. When Trevor Ncube says Zimbabweans do not read, he is probably speaking for himself and not the majority of Zimbabweans who have read for several Bachelor, Masters and PhDs % than any other African country outside Mauritius.

Trevor Ncube needs to understand that he needs to separate his fanatical support for the Zanu's failing regime for which he serves as an advisor and the sober political reality of sanctions by the Americans. American is just as sovereign as Zimbabwe and they have national interests to pursue just as Zimbabwe should also have.

There is no point winging that the Americans favour this or the other nation against Zimbabwe's national interest as Zimbabwe is well within its rights to do the same to American interest!

Trevor needs to understand that America is by far a stronger nation than Zimbabwe economically and militarily and therefore must be advising his boss to correct the issues over which the Americans imposed sanctions, rather than make empty noises with this 'sanctions must be lifted' slogan!

In a nutshell, Trevor needs to advise his boss to reform or sink!

Dennis Shoko

Source - Dennis Shoko
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