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When looters become 'human rights defenders'

30 Aug 2019 at 06:58hrs | Views
Zimbabwe and many other countries not subservient to the United States of America, it has become common practice that the US instigates opposition political activists to deliberately break the law of their own countries, and when the law enforcement agents act, the lawbreakers become victims and decorated defenders of human rights, as if human rights are a preserve of those liked by the US only.

The criminals suddenly assume the role of human rights defenders, the role of saints, the role of untouchables, simply because they are doing it on behalf of Washington; doing it to effect regime change for America, whose main agenda is gaining access to the vast untapped natural resources of the said countries.

And, yet in the US itself, the ethos of their day-to-day living is strict adherence to the rule of law. We ask why the US cannot allow the rule of law to take its course in Zimbabwe? Why? In the past year, Zimbabwe has been under siege as the US upped the wager to remove Zanu-PF from power using a combination of deceit and brazen regime change tactics.

Of course, the majority of us are not stupid, we are not fools and indeed we are not blind to the brazen instigation of lawlessness, perpetrated by the US in our country under the guise of democracy, under the guise of defending human rights and indeed in the name of freedom of expression.

Stupid. Very, very stupid! A lot has been happening in Zimbabwe since the July 30, 2018 elections which ushered in a new dispensation, led by President Mnangagwa.

The US and its allies in the European Union have been indicating right and turning left, in the hope that they will catch the Zanu--PF Government by surprise, and off-guard and remove it from power.

Fortunately for Zanu--PF and unfortunately for them, although the hare is known for its proclivity for trickery, it has never mastered the art of climbing up a tree.

We know for a fact that Zanu-PF - unlike the kindergarten antics that underpin MDC- Alliance politics - is a very experienced and complicated political party, always aware that when dealing with war-time enemies, you sleep with one eye open. You don't give in fully to the lethargy of slumber.

Some of us have known that Ambassador (sorry, Aggressor) Brian Nichols is not a diplomat, but an activist funding terrorism in Zimbabwe, a rogue element, whose assignment to foment disorder and effect regime change in this country makes him fail to hide behind even diplomacy.

He has come up openly as an appendage for disaster, an agent of disorder and lawlessness, a harbinger of hatred among Zimbabwe's political actors and a vehicle the devil uses to destroy this country and the fabric that holds us together.

We are now more divided and hateful of each other than ever before. It is clear that Nichols is in the trenches with MDC-Alliance, hand-holding them to cause anarchy and mayhem, funding and coordinating their regime change agenda.

It is the vogue of our time, the telling fad of our time that criminals among us are glorified, dignified and hailed as heroes defending the rights of the same people including policemen they have killed, the people whose shops they have burnt and looted, the same people they have blocked from going to work to eke a living for their families. Nichols must know that while it is God's grandeur to have a small brain in a big body, it is terribly wrong and unacceptable to be fooled by the same miniscule, to view Zimbabwe as so cheap to the point that it should allow lawlessness in order to be in good books with the United States of America.

Fusty, fusty, fusty! If that is democracy, then that democracy can only be practiced in hell, American hell in which Nichols is the axis of evil. If the devil is a defender of human rights, then hell hath no fury.

Nichols has taken every opportunity available to him to dine and wine with the opposition, to visit those who cry claim to be victims of Government after interfacing with law enforcement agents.

We have not heard Nichols visit those whose shops were looted and burnt by protesters, not even the family of a policeman killed by MDC-Alliance rioters. He wants us to believe that those whose shops were looted and burnt, those who lost property and life did not have rights simply because they were not MDC-Alliance? Honestly? We know as a matter of fact that the US has a new policy for Africa, which seeks to categorically give it preference in all business deals over China and Russia.

It is that new policy that has seen US go into overdrive to change governments in countries known to deal with China and Russia on mutually agreed business terms.

Unlike the US which uses big brother mentality, the other countries are fair dealers who negotiate on mutually beneficial terms.

The US should therefore stop this nonsense of fanning lawlessness in the name of democracy and defending human rights, for, human rights are not a preserve of the US alone. Each country has its laws which citizens should adhere to.

Source - the herald
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