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Xenophobic attacks in South Africa exposes SADC & AU

03 Sep 2019 at 14:58hrs | Views
This is now the third time in history where xenophobic attacks have worn an ugly face in South Africa with SADC and AU going on silent mode.

As I write this article President Emmerson Mnangagwa is currently the chair of Defense and Security in the Sadc bloc and his quietness about the xenophobic attacks in Johannesburg and Pretoria South Africa leaves a lot to be desired.

Zimbabweans living in South Africa particularly in Johannesburg have fell victims to these xenophobic attacks in the country and one would start to ask questions why such things are happening and our government not taking action. Are we going to wait like what happened to Cyclone Idai?

What is the government doing to stop people from migrating? Aren't these economic hardships which are pushing people in their droves to leave Zimbabwe? The country is being looted left , right and centre. Corruption is rampant. No employment is being created and hence the flock to South Africa to seek for greener pastures.

Whenever these head of states meet in different summits, what are they actually discussing about the African continent, is it development or ways to line and fatten their pockets?

Where is Sadc in all these barbaric attacks on fellow black Africans. During the apartheid regime Zimbabwe , Zambia and other African states welcomed and accomodated oppressed South Africans. Right now they are killing our brothers and sisters just for being foreigners in their country. This is shocking, primitive and sad.

The African National Congress was headquartered in Lusaka Zambia. Other neighbouring countries helped , sacrificed and lost their lives for South Africa to attain its freedom. It was Kenneth David Kaunda who negotiated for the release of Nelson Mandela. Is this history sound and clear in South Africa?

The disunity among Africans impoverishes the soul of many. The unbridled hatred of each is unfathomable, it's a crying shame.

The South Africans anger is being directed at wrong people. The poor African brothers and sisters whom they are fighting are having sleepless nights toiling day and night looking for survivals. They are actually selling their cheap labour to white owned factories and industries for survival. Most of them are doing menial jobs shunned by South Africans like cleaning toilets and domestic work.

The ordinary person who is facing this xenophobic violence has no control of how employment is created neither does they have the political power to influence things in societies. They are just victims on both sides, home and away. Most of them fled their different countries due to poor economic performances of their respective governments. South Africans must tolerate foreigners in their country and respect the sanctity of life. We are brothers and sisters, at the same level. Our borders should not create enemity between African states but rather should unite us and form a very strong United States of Africa. This disintegration as a continental region must not be given a room to manifest in our ideologies.

African continent cannot be known by endless civil wars but should be known by creating peace and tranquillity. Whoever is sowing seeds of divisor must be condemned by the strongest term it deserves We must condemn this act of barbarism and inhuman treatment by all means possible. Xenophobia attacks currently taking place in South Africa should be condemned in the strongest terms. Where are our national ethos? Where have we lost that Africaness flavour, we should all thrive to teach our children about the importance "Ubuntu" from early bigginings Our mainstream educational policies, media both electronic and print must play a leading role in fostering African humanity.

There is nothing as bad as xenophobic attack on a fellow brother. This is a serious issue which needs a prompt action and severe punishement to machinations and perpertrators of such heinous crimes. This is the right time to tell bitter South Africans to unite with other fellow compatriots Africans than now.There are people being killed, tortured and their properties destroyed and shops looted.There is no excuse for what is currently happening in Mzansi.

To the South Africans, no body has monopoly of violence. It's natural and inborn. The killing foreigners is not a solution to the challenges facing the nation.

 It's time to think outside the box and find lasting solutions to such challenges. People should not forget that South Africans have also business outfits scattered all over Africa and beyond running into billions of dollars.

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