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Mutodi and MDC's Daniel Molokele square off

05 Sep 2019 at 07:27hrs | Views
It was refreshing to listen to this debate, Zanu PF and MDC shared a platform without trading insults or chiding each other. The debate was mature and showed signs of a growing democratic media space. ZiFm must be commended and Larry Kwirirayi held his own as moderator of the Debate and he did very well. Kudos to you Larry for the platform and the way you moderated the debate without fear or favour. You might be wondering who is Dr Mutodi and who is Molokele? Mutodi is a controversial character who happens to be Deputy Minister of Information in the government of the Republic of Zimbabwe. Fortune Molokele is a lawyer and National Spokesperson of the people's movement the Movement for Democratic Change MDC led by Nelson Chamisa.

Tearing into the debate

The question was: The Zimbabwe Situation is there a way out?

Dr Energy Mutodi as a fundi in finance dived straight into the economy. He explained the Transitional Stabilisation Program. In summary he basically said that the Transitional Stabilisation  Programme is focusing on:
• Stabilising the macro-economy, and the financial sector.
• Introducing necessary policy, and institutional reforms, to transform into a private
sector-led economy.
• Addressing infrastructure gaps.
• Launching quick-wins to stimulate growth.

Dr Mutodi also went on to bring in the IMF staff monitored program and how the government has developed a habit of fiscal discipline which has resulted in budget surplus.

Dr Mutodi was as clear as daylight in explaining that the nation will see and feel the results of these efforts in 2020.

This formed the basis of the first part of  Dr Mutodi's response to the question.

Molokele responds

Fortune Daniel Molokele the MDC national Spokesperson who is a decorated lawyer went on to explain that as far as the MDC is concerned Zimbabwe must seek ye first the political kingdom and all things shall be added unto Zimbabwe (blasphemy?).

Hon Molokele explained that the problem is political legitimacy, and he sold the MDC's RELOAD agenda as a way out for Zimbabwe.

 In summary he said
1. Zimbabwe must take a step back and relook the political and diplomatic state we are in
2. An inclusive dialogue is necessary not just dialogue amongst political players, and dialogue must be in the context of legitimacy
3. Temporary Government (Transitional Authority) is necessary
4. Introduce electoral reform to end the cycle of disputed elections.

That was Hon. Molokele's response in summary.

My Analysis

1. The Constitution

The new constitution that we have as a nation came as a result of negotiations by the MDC and Zanu PF under a global political agreement. The constitution is the bedrock on which all reforms must be formed.

Hon Molokele and the MDC seem to be oblivious to the fact that the MDC participated in the writing of the new constitution the supreme law of the land. The constitution and all stones and foundations laid by Mr Morgan Tsvangirai are relevant, and must be respected now and forever. Mr Tsvangirai and the MDC fought a long and hard battle to get us a constitution after NCA and the Chidyausiku commission had failed. My analysis is that the constitution does not have room for a Transitional Authority, is the MDC of Nelson Chamisa willing to shred the constitution temporarily and take us back to 1999 to ensure that  their dream of a Transitional Authority becomes a reality?

2. Unity
Hon. Molokele did admit that ZANU PF is trying to rebuild the economy and the problem they face is that Zimbabwe is not united behind the ZANU PF efforts. This was an interesting observation. Both MDC and Zanu Pf need each other in order to achieve economic prosperity. If the MDC were in power and Zanu PF as an opposition behaved like the MDC would the MDC achieve desired results? Campaign season is over, political gimmicks and posturing is not necessary right now. The people are struggling and the people need bipartisan leadership. The economy hurts us all Ndebele, Zezuru, MDC, Ndonga or ZAPU it spares none. Unity is what we need, is the MDC aware of the power of unity and the results that can be achieved if we all work together in harmony putting Zimbabwe first?

3. Dialogue
Dialogue is an important factor in the way out for Zimbabwe. Dialogue is a key ingredient to any solution. I am disturbed by the MDC's refusal to participate in dialogue only to spring up with a counter offer and new terms for dialogue. This is not a game, lives and livelihoods are at stake here.

Hon Molokele and the MDC seem to insinuate that ED is the convener of the Political Actors Dialogue ( POLAD) . This is a fallacy, as POLAD is an initiative of the Zimbabwe Council of Churches.

The MDC is implying that it cannot trust the church and refuses to be part of a dialogue convened by the church? This is a question I think Hon Molokele should answer and be clear on. Who then is the best mediator and convener of these talks? Are these not spoilt child tendencies being exhibited by the MDC? What is the rationale behind refusing a church sponsored POLAD process and opting for a wild card without clear suggestions?

4. Policy alternative

Dr Mutodi reminded the nation that Nelson Chamisa refused the position of Leader of the Opposition in Parliament. This is a position that exists in most commonwealth Parliaments. The leader of the opposition in Parliament is normally viewed as an alternative or shadow President who leads a shadow cabinet which scrutinises the actions of the main cabinet as well as set alternative policies. The MDC is lacking in as far as providing policy direction and guidance is concerned. The MDC is not coming up with any alternatives and the only song they are sticking to is legitimacy and a disputed election that is already one year old. Can Hon Molokele explain the rationale behind refusing the leader of the opposition post, was it not prudent to have Chamisa in parliament and seek to ensure political and legal reforms in line with the new constitution? A constitution which the MDC Co authored and Co-sponsored.


The MDC is generally seeking special treatment outside of the existing legal and political frameworks, this posturing by the MDC will throw spanners in the economic recovery efforts and will cause suffering to the people of Zimbabwe.

The government on the other hand has a lot of work cut out for it in as far as explaining to the nation why things are difficult. The ordinary Zimbabwean will not understand political and economic complexities in the context of bread and butter. The government needs to do more to educate the nation and communicate better. Jonathan Moyo used musical jingles such as rambai makashinga to communicate points which resonated with the people. Dr Mutodi needs to take it up with the ministry of information and ensure that economic statistics, progress and status quo are communicated in a simplified manner.

Overall the Debate was professional, balanced and interesting though it did not leave anyone wiser or better informed. It is a good start, it is a step in the right direction. Thank you Dr Mutodi, thank you ZiFm, thank you Hon Molokele for the Debate and setting the tone for further discourse.

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