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Ndebele Prince takes Energy Mutodi head on

05 Sep 2019 at 09:22hrs | Views
The utterances by Energy Mutodi that in this day and age suggests that Ndebeles do not belong to this country, Zimbabwe, are unfortunate. The leadership style that lacks originality and seems to be driven by incidents in other countries is of basest level ever imagined. This country is suffering from very poor energy utilities management and one leader failing in that leadership takes his failures to divide the nation further.

Zimbabweans should not accept leadership that equate economic and trade issues to xenophobic behaviour. Were there any trade agreements signed between Zimbabwe and South Africa that defined the national structure which has anything to do with Mzilikazi and his nation? Is this the standard of leadership that will salvage this country from the energy problems we are facing? People have watched movie-like trade agreement meetings in which some of our leadership of Mutodi quality sit in foreign countries such as Japan, China, America and name many countries. The foreign countries participants walk in with equipment from which they can check profiles of representatives from Zimbabwe there and then    and relate these to their inputs in the meetings.

Our representatives would only be sitting with pads and pens that they find on the tables and which, if there are extras from absentee invitees they walk along tables collecting to accumulate soveniours. It is not surprising that this country, a beautiful country with diverse nationalities all with foreign origins except the San, continues to sink all round because of leadership of low continuum that wait for violence in South Africa that is eating the lives of our people daily to make divisive statements.

People in a progressive country, want Mutodi to ensure that bread and butter issues are attended to such as electricity cuts and load shedding, fuel and gas supplies that are limited and expensive.Leadership seems a very complicated issue. As Zimbabweans, people should reject abject behaviour that lacks in responsibility and understanding of the complexities of nationhood. One hopes that Government of Zimbabwe realizes that utterances of the nature made by Mutondi cannot be read in isolation to him and as such it should act and bring him to book to preserve it's image locally and internationally.

Positions in Government should not be abused as authority to release repugnant statements as one made by Mutodi about the desperate situation our people find themselves in, in South Africa today. He should be taking leadership to help secure the suffering masses in South Africa of Zimbabwean nationalities including those of Africa as a whole. His hate for the Ndebele people, which is clear in his deliberate utterances, should not be allowed to translate into Government leadership behaviour. This is wayward, rustic in nature and lacking in urgent leadership response to poor Zimbabwean nationalities being murdered daily in the name of being foreigners. Mutondi owes this nation a better attitude and quality leadership. I personally donot know Mutondi and I have not met him and probably do not wish and hope to ever meet him. What is fact is that his statement is an embarrassment to rational minds in this country when everybody collectively should be crafting ways of at least ensuring that our loved one in South Africa are safe. If we have trade agreements with South Africa, we should be using that to have access to the Government of South Africa to demand that President RamapHosa takes decisive leadership to protect Zimbabweans and other African nationals from harassment and murders. It is unfortunate that Mutondi's contribution to the problem at hand, which is the killings of our relatives in South Africa, lacks in craftiness. He cannot be praised or ululated for spreading divisions and hatred within this country and failing to take leadership to rescue Zimbabweans being killed in South Africa.

By Prince Zwide Khumalo

Source - Prince Zwide Khumalo
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